Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Step Above Elevator - Get It Repaired Right Now!

A Step Above Elevator's Services - With 24 Hour On-Call Emergency Service

We Service and Maintain:

•Elevators - Specializing in Hydraulic
•Wheel Chair Lifts
•Roped Hydros
•Traction Cars
•High Rise
•Mid Rise
•Low Rise


•State required yearly smoke test
•Fire Phase 1 and 2 testing
•Once a year Hydraulic no load test (which includes system pressure test for leaks and valve problems)
•5 year Full load test


•Clean Downs
•Minor Repair


•Minor Repairs
•Packing Replacement
•Valve & Pit Valve Replacement
•Rails Guide Replacement
•Water Removal
•and more...

Contractor License #954733

CCCM Qualified
CQCC Qualified

Centrally located in Vacaville to quickly serve Sacramento Valley and the Bay Area and everything in between. Call A Step Above at 707-514-7585, and visit their website at

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