Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ever Seen A 115' Seamless Rain Gutter Installed?

Here is an unusual task: Installing a 115' seamless rain gutter in tight quarters at a large apartment complex. It takes a team!

In this case, Above All Roofing of Fairfield and Vacaville tackles a large apartment complex reroofing job in Fairfield CA, and they also do seamless rain gutters. This is one of many very long seamless gutters they have installed and this video shows how it is not easy to maneuver such a product, but this team got it from the ground out front in the tight parking area to installation on the roof in less than 7 minutes at an easy pace.

A bit of fun from Above All Roofing. Call them at 707-446-8819 or in San Francisco at 415-989-ROOF.

Note: Above All Roofing is one of our new clients and we are building them a website now. I just happened to stop by to take some photos of a job they were doing in Fairfield and couldn't pass up the video opportunity of this gutter installation. It was big fun to watch this successful install.

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