Saturday, September 29, 2012

Northbay Contractors Alliance: Contractors You Can Trust

Look to Northbay Contractors Alliance for "Contractors You Can Trust"
See the current list of contractors to choose from below and check out their website at
General Contractor
Valentino Construction
Peter Valentino

Roofing Contractor
Regional Roofing Company
Jim Mason

Metal Fabricator
Croz Custom Metal Fabrication
Don Crossley

Drywall Contractor
Drywall By Design
Larry Gulley

Exterior Stucco & Plaster
Galvan & Son Plastering
Carlos Galvan

Flooring Contractor
Gillespie's Abbey Carpet
Monte Hoover

Concrete Contractor
Hender Cement
Jeff Hender

Electrical Contractor
Nick's Electric Inc
Nick Indrieri


Hardwood Floor Contractor
Northstate Hardwood Floors
Marty Calvert


Telephone/Cable Wiring
ProComm Wiring Solutions
Rob Stennes


Garage Doors
Ramirez Custom Overhead Doors
Rudy Ramirez


Glass & Window Contractor
Tri-City Glass and Mirror
Vince Guisande

Swimming Pool Contractor
Vacaville Pools Inc
Dave Viola

Restoration Company
ServPro of Fairfield
Tom Swain

Plumbing Contractor
ABC Plumbing
Time Sheridan

Elevator Contractor
Inclinator Co. of California
Residential Lift Specialists
Robert Boardman
707-758-1615 Cell

Friday, September 28, 2012

Resumes Are Ridiculous

"Resumes are ridiculous."

--Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
from the book REWORK


When I first turned the page and read this heading on page 210 of REWORK, I screamed to myself, 'YES!' Having been in a position to interview and hire a lot of people over a lot of years, I hated resumes and gave them almost no notice. I always thought they were a joke. Like people actually do all that stuff they put in there and do it in that manner? Right. And, oh by the way. . . they're looking for work!

Jason and David go on after the heading to say, "We all know resumes are a joke. They're exaggerations. They're filled with "action verbs" that don't mean anything. They list job titles and responsibilities that are vaguely accurate at best. And there's no way to verify most of what's on there. The whole thing is a farce." That is said so well and I am in total agreement.

I remember people telling me that I had to have a resume and I think I made one once, but no one paid attention to it either. There is a whole industry built around writing resumes, choosing the right paper, fonts and layout. Heck, in the movie Legally Blond, Reese Witherspoon had the perfect, scented resume. . . and pink if I remember correctly.

What's worse than a resume to me is employers who seek them, want to see them, or heaven forbid, make decisions based on them. Just talk to them. It's pretty simple stuff. At least you might be able to pick out the BS from the facts a little bit because it's pretty certain it's almost all BS on the resume.

Not only have I never hired anyone from a resume, I've had a few positions in my time and not once was I hired from a resume, nor even an application. What a concept.

from the CTS Daily Inspirations Blog

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Upward Trend Welcomes First Service Insurance As Latest Trend Setter Package Client


Upward Trend is pleased to announce that First Service Insurance of Roseville, CA, a provider of insurance services for contractors, has become our latest Trend Setter Package client. We will be building a brand new blog, adding and managing social media including facebook, twitter, and linked-in. We will also be doing a monthly email newsletter, providing video services and YouTube channel. In addition, we will provide some SEO optimization along with the benefit of our consulting regarding the Internet. First Service Insurance will maintain their existing website at

We will be sharing more about First Service Insurance in the coming days and weeks.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Want Benefits, Not Features. WIIFM?

Sell benefits not features. Even though an army of sales and marketing experts has been giving this advice for years, it has never really gained traction.

Many of the websites I visit are little more than product specification sheets. This would be okay if they were selling scientific testing equipment or storage tanks. But many of these sites are trying to sell business and consumer products with little more than a list of features.

No one is really interested in the fact that your product has a certain feature. People want to know how that feature benefits them. Does it save time or money? Is it fun or entertaining? Does it give them status? Does it simplify or improve their lives? Sell them benefits of ownership, not product features.

For example, features of a power mower may be a four-stroke engine, a wider cutting area, and an oversized catch bag. Does this mean longer engine life, less time to spend mowing, and fewer times to empty the catch bag? Say so!

Buyers are bored by features and excited by benefits. In sales and marketing the buyer's emotions come first. So start selling those benefits.

Excerpted from the bestselling Rules of the Hunt by Michael Dalton Johnson. See more here.

Reprinted by persmission courtesy of

Monday, September 24, 2012

Short Sales - Solano Mortgage

Jim Porter talks about how Solano Mortgage can help you with either buying or selling a home with a short sale. See more at or call 707-449-4777

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Don't Fear the Gadget: From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg

Author and Journalist Jeff Jarvis warns against the tendency to view new technology as a threat, arguing that this stance cedes power to regulators and corporations that may not have the public's best interests at heart.

There is a pattern to the introduction of technologies. When Gutenberg invented the press, some of the earliest authors were frightened of having their words and thoughts set down and permanently distributed widely. Jonathan Swift said that a book of verses kept in a drawer shown only to friends was like a fine lass, but once printed as a book it was like a common whore anyone could buy for two crown. Fast forward to the prior kind of moral panic we've had about privacy came because of a technology. In the year 1890, the first major law review article written by Louis Brandeis and Samuel Warren that tried to look for a legal basis to a right to privacy in the United States was inspired by the invention of a technology, the Kodak camera, and that caused some measure of moral panic and fear. The New York Times at the time had stories about fiendish Kodakers lying in wait. A young Vanderbilt horsewhipped a Kodaker. President Teddy Roosevelt outlawed Kodaking in Washington parks.

Now what happened? Well, we got used to cameras. In fact, we're happy to pose in front of them as I am right now. And what really went on there was that a new technology caused a change that our norms weren't ready for, and until such time as we had new norms, we had new agreements about how we operated as a society around this, we were unsettled. We were afraid what could go wrong. Well, that's what's happening with the internet with a much bigger technology that it is. It's causing new opportunities. It's causing change. It also causes fear and disruption and sometimes even a moral panic, which is what I think we're going through now.

Privacy matters. Privacy is important. It needs protectors. I have a private life. All that is true, but we also have this magnificent tool to publicness, the Internet, in all of our hands. We can find, form and act as publics now in ways that we couldn't before. That's a magnificent ability. And my fear is that if governments come in to regulate the 'Net we'll lose some of that power. And some of them want us to lose that power because they fear that power.

So I think we have to beware of demonizing technology--things like tracking cookies being bad for us or worried about technology first off--because we're walking into the hands of those who would limit the technology rather than what we should do, what society has long done, is you regulate the behaviors. So you can use a telephone to do good things and summon an ambulance; you can use it to do bad things and defraud people. The technology isn't bad. It's the behavior we regulate. Yet nowadays we're seeing efforts by governments to come in and regulate on the whole the Internet. So even Canada and Australia want to filter all the content on the 'Net to get to pedophilia. Well, they create an ability and an architecture that also Iran and China will use. We have to beware of that.

Directed / Produced by
Jonathan Fowler & Elizabeth Rodd

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Steve Blank: How to Grow Your Business

From up-selling to unbundling, professor Steve Blank outlines strategies for growth.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Sheryl Sandberg Addresses the Class of 2012

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (MBA 1995) speaks to the class of 2012 Wednesday during class day ceremonies.

This is a wonderful address that has a great deal of business wisdom for young and old alike. -- UTMS

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Afterglow. What A Great Story. Check It Out and See Them At Fuso's On The Patio Friday, September 21st

Join us Friday night On The Patio at Fuso's as Afterglow entertains from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. You're sure to enjoy the music and the food on such a beautiful evening. Come on down!

Check out this wonderful documentary about Afterglow below and links to their albums. 

Watch Afterglow on PBS. See more from ViewFinder.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Star Tech European Is An Authorized Bosch Service Dealer

Bosch, a leader in the development and manufacturing of automotive systems and components for more than 100 years, has the expertise, the information and the experience to provide exactly what you need. Bosch supplies every major OEM worldwide with a variety of precision components and systems, including body electronics, safety and braking systems, gasoline and diesel fuel injection and engine management systems. This places Bosch in a unique position to provide the training, information and support to help the automotive professionals do their job better and more efficiently.

The Authorized Bosch Car Service Center (BCS) program is designed to assist the independent automotive repair specialist, in improving and expanding service on all vehicles equipped with Bosch systems and components.
Under this program, businesses apply and are considered for appointment based on a number of criteria, including: location, accessibility, appearance, customer waiting area, technician training, number of bays, tools and diagnostic equipment on site, etc.

Authorized Bosch Car Service Centers are backed by a firm commitment to service excellence. In sales, equipment, technology and training, BCSs receive full support from Bosch and access to all the elements necessary to help run a first-rate operation.

Bosch Service Information & Technical Support

Having the proper technical information right at your fingertips to diagnose and repair a problem can mean the difference between completing a job on time or not. . . and having a satisfied customer or not. Bosch makes its Electronic Service Information available to all Authorized Bosch Car Service Centers on a subscription basis. The complete DVD set contains automotive application lists, where-used listing, OE-Bosch cross references, part number interchanges electrical parts lists and exploded views, archive electrical parts lists and exploded views, wiring diagrams for passenger cars and automotive systems repair and test procedures. Bosch also provides a toll-free Technical Support Line to answer immediate questions.
Bosch Training
One of the most valuable benefits of the Authorized Bosch Car Service Center Program is the complete series of in-depth factory training programs and seminars made available to your technicians. These programs offer a combination of classroom and hands-on training covering subjects including engine management, anti-lock braking, traction control, vehicle dynamic control, vehicle safety, electrical, and electronic systems, as well as On Board Diagnostics. Training is conducted over a 4-day period (for most classes) by highly qualified Bosch technical instructors at several convenient locations. When a technician completes all training classes, plus a qualifying electronic program, the status of Bosch Master Tech is awarded.
Bosch Warranty
Authorized Bosch Car Service Centers are granted authority to verify customer warranty claims, to decide a course of action and to perform the necessary warranted repair. This authority extends to warranty service for aftermarket replacement parts on Bosch systems only. BCSs may perform warranty service for the customer free of charge.

Check out Star Tech European for your Bosch Authorized Service at 23 Union Way in Vacaville.

Call them at 707-455-8870, and visit their website and blog at They are sure to take the best care of your car.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Restaurant Review: Mankas Tapas Bar & Steakhouse by Joyce Headley

At last, a dining experience like one you’d expect to encounter in Napa or Sonoma, located right in our own "backyard", Suisun Valley.

Formerly the Vintage Café, the newly remodeled restaurant and bar has re-opened under new management and a new name and offers contemporary style indoor dining as well as covered patio dining, complete with outdoor fireplace. Its full service bar features a selection of local and world class wines and specialty cocktails in addition to espresso drinks.

Mankas Tapas Bar and Steakhouse introduces patrons to its new executive chef, Peter Halikas, who has worked in some of San Francisco and Napa’s finest restaurants. With his European roots and wine country traditions, he has brought an innovative flair to the Suisun Valley, incorporating the use of locally grown produce in almost every creation.

My husband and I took the short drive from Vacaville and from the moment we stepped through the entrance were delighted to see the modern renovation, noting white linen clothed tables, modern décor in soft, warm, neutral hues and tasteful accents adorning the walls.

After looking over their tantalizing menu, we both knew it would be difficult to narrow our choices down. From the menu descriptions, everything sounded tempting….from the Seared Salmon (served with clams, chorizo in white wine) on the dinner portion of the menu, to the Spicy Grilled Prawns with Chorizo, from the tapas portion of the menu. Luckily, we had a great server, Lillian, who offered more detailed descriptions, thus guiding us through each course selection.

Off the specialty cocktail menu, we ordered their signature Mankas Mojito, a refreshing blend of Bacardi rum, fresh mint, lime and pomegranate juice which we enjoyed with our first course, their amazing Roasted Beet Salad, a blend of roasted yellow and red beets, orange segments, mache (shaved fennel), baby watercress and ricotta salada drizzled in olive oil. We both highly recommend trying it! Accompanying our salad was fresh baked warm bread.

For our main course, my husband opted for the Dry Rubbed Baby Back Ribs, which comes with two housemade BBQ sauces, and can be ordered in a full or half rack size. One sauce is red wine based, the other a sweeter Kansas City style variation. The tasty ribs were slow cooked to perfection (fall off the bone), therefore tender and moist.

I chose the Grilled Ahi, which was served with a creative blend of diced mango and black rice with a sweet soy glaze and garnished with fresh mixed greens. It too did not disappoint. We decided to share a side order of Sauteed Mushrooms which enhanced both our entrées.

Every flavorful dish was carefully prepared, well plated and attractive. We savored every bite, but wanted to save a little room for dessert.

Besides the amazing cheesecake, other options included their Chocolate Molten Cake, Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and Chocolate Mousse Cake. We shared the Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, which was served in a hot cast iron skillet topped with Chantilly (similar, but lighter than whipped cream) as well as the Aprium Cobbler (apricot and plum) served with vanilla ice cream. Both were amazing…. not too sweet with a perfect crumbly crust.

Again, our compliments to Chef Peter and staff for bringing quality dining to Suisun Valley and for helping make our first visit a pleasurable and quite memorable one!

Mankas Tapas Bar and Steakhouse can be found at 2522 Mankas Corner Road in Fairfield and is open for lunch daily from 11 am until 3 pm and for dinner Tuesday - Thursday 5 pm until 9 pm and Friday - Sunday 5 pm until 10 pm. Happy Hour is from 5 – 7 pm Tuesday through Friday. For more information, call (707) 425-3207 or visit their website at

Reprinted by permission of:
S & J Advertising, Inc.
Monthly Grapevine / Breeze Monthly / Monthly Roundup / Your Town Monthly
ph: 707.448-6446 fax: 707.448.6943

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Tom Selleck's Tea House - Mankas Steak House Cocktails

Bill Kelly, head bartender, at Mankas Steak House shows us how to make a signature cocktail "Tom Selleck's Tea House" See more at

Steve Blank on Getting Small Businesses Growing Again

Here's a good piece on Entrepreneurship that I thought was interesting:

Steve Blank, the professor who popularized the lean startup movement, says entrepreneurship is exploding among those who realize the old ways of doing business no longer apply.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taking Risks the Smart Way by Brian Tracy

I love Brian Tracy and even though he is almost like a puppet the way he presents, being so stiff and exacting, he is a wealth of information that can really be valuable to pay attention to. I especially liked this video because of the different risks and his advice about them. I really love the last one. Enjoy.

Click here to receive my FREE REPORT: Brilliant on the Basics! Learn the 7 key result areas that are guaranteed to double your sales and your income!

The better you become at analyzing and assessing risk, and then avoiding as much of the risk as possible, the more competent and more capable you will become, and the more successful you will be. Watch this video to learn how to take smart risks in life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

What Is A 203k Morgage? -

Mike Young of 203k Online gives us the definition of a 203K mortgage. In addition, he talks briefly about the value and benefits of this great resource and how it can be used to help grab hold of the "American Dream" of home ownership. See more about Mike and his business at

Friday, September 7, 2012

Amazon Kindle Press Conference — September 6, 2012

Jeff Bezos unveils the all-new Kindle Family in Santa Monica, CA. Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite are each in a class by themselves when it comes to hardware—there's nothing better. But the real magic is that they are also a service. When combined with our enormous content ecosystem, unmatched cross-platform interoperability and standard-setting customer service, we hope people will agree these are the best tablets and e-readers anywhere, at any price.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Upward Trend Welcomes Bryan-Braker Funeral Home As Latest Trend Setter Package Client

Upward Trend is pleased to announce that Bryan-Braker Funeral Home of Fairfield, Vacaville and Dixon has become our latest Trend Setter Package of services client. As part of our service we will be providing a website for part of their organization, a new blog for the whole organization, managing and setting up social media including facebook, twitter and linkedin. The service also includes a monthly email newsletter, video production and a YouTube channel, along with SEO optimization and consulting.

We are proud to have the opportunity to serve such a fine organization that has been a foundation in Solano County for so many years. See their current website at

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Harbor 12' Contractor Body On Chevy 3500HD Chassis Is Like Two Trucks In...

Nice job, Greg!

Greg Martin, Commercial Truck Manager at Platinum Chevrolet in Santa Rosa CA shows us a 2012 Chevy Dually Chassis with the DuraMax diesel and Allison automatic transmission in a regular cab. This heavy duty chassis has a 12' Harbor Contractor Body mounted on it with 8' upper bed boxes with stainless steel open top lids like a service body, underbed boxes, short fold-down solid gates around the rear, a load divider, tapered headboard, tapered HD forklift loadable rack, and a class IV receiver. All of that in a package is called a Contractor Body and it is a cost effective way to take tools and carry gear and materials to job sites. To see more go to http://PlatinumChevyTruck.NET, or call Greg at 707-525-1800 for more information.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Upward Trend Welcomes LHT Revolution Inc As Latest Trend Setter Client

Upward Trend is pleased to announce that LHT Revolution, Inc has become the latest Trend Setter Package client. We will be building a new blog, the most important part of our package, and managing and expanding social media including facebook, twitter and linked-in, offering video, a monthly email newsletter, SEO optimization and consulting.

Here's the mission statement of LHT Revolution: "Teen weight loss transformation! As one of the fastest growing teen nutrition education weight loss programs in the U.S, LHT is helping youth across the country transform their lives! The program is designed in six week increments and taught in a classroom like setting. It’s based on healthy food exchanges and teaches teens and tweens how to make healthier food choices both at school and at home. It also includes one-on-one and group support and encouragement from a trained nutrition advisor (we call them LHT coaches) who are experienced and skilled professionals in health, nutrition and fitness."

Their current website is at See the video below for more infomation about their business.

Monday, September 3, 2012

North Bay Truck Center Is Sponsoring A Blood Drive Tomorrow, Sept 4th

North Bay Truck Center is sponsoring a Blood Drive with the Blood Centers of the Pacific and will have the Bloodmobile on site at North Bay Truck Center, 1245 Illinois St, Fairfield CA on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 from 12:00pm noon to 4:00pm.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to Be Charismatic and Attract Success

Click here to receive my FREE REPORT: Everyone is a Salesperson! Enjoy your free report and learn how to become a more influential and persuasive person to increase your sales.

Did you know that 85% of your success and happiness will come from your relationships and interactions with others? The more positively others respond to you, the easier it will be for you to get the things you want. Watch this video to learn how to become a charismatic person!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wendy VanHatten Publishes New Children's Book

Wendy VanHatten announces her latest publication, a children's book titled Max and Myron, Learn Please and Thank You. It was co-authored by R David Kryder and wonderfully illustrated by Corie Barloggi.

What some are saying about this book:

This is an awesome book for parents, teachers and other educators to use when teaching young children. The repetition reinforces appropriate sentence structure needed to help children express their ideas and ask questions. It can also be used as a social story to teach good manners."—Yutonya Carter, MS, SLP, Speech Language Pathologist

"I am a kindergarten teacher and this is a fantastic book to be used in the classroom for teaching manners. What a great way to reinforce "please" and "thank you". The sentence frame lesson in the book helps parents and educators check for understanding for beginning readers and English Language Learners."—Eileen Neufeld, Kindergartgen Teacher

"This is a great book to use in the class and at home. This is great practice for emergent readers and students at the early intermediate and intermediate levels of English Language Development. Teachers and parents will also find this book useful in teaching positive character development."—Monifa Williams, MA. Ed., Elementary Principal

"I feel the illustrations are colorful, bright and fun to look at. I feel children can truly relate to the characters in the book. Max and Myron are kid-friendly, entertaining, and truly make reading this story engaging for all its readers."—Samantha Johnson, Tutor

The book will be available on Amazon in soft cover very soon, but a Kindle version is available right now at Amazon