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Sierra Truck & Van Loves Yakima Products!

Hugh Lukehart of Sierra Truck & Van talks about one of their favorite products to stock and sell: Yakima products. Yakima has products such as bike carriers, roof carriers or pods, specialty carriers, roof rack systems, for cars, trucks, SUV's.

Call Sierra Truck & Van at 707-864-1064 and visit their website at

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An Hour Before Daylight - Memories of a Rural Boyhood by Jimmy Carter - Del's Outlet

An Hour Before Daylight - Memories of a Rural Boyhood by Jimmy Carter
Book is hardcover, First Printing, non-stated edition, in like new condition. Book is signed by Jimmy Carter on the title page on a bookplate. Clear dust jacket protector is installed. Photos are of actual book. 
On a scale of 1-10, this is a 9.75
Every sale guaranteed to please--every sale, every time, no exceptions.

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Practical Tips To Get The Most From Your Chiropractic Care by Sean Moffett, D.C.

Practical tips and suggestions for the chiropractic patient

By Sean Moffett, D.C.
Vaca Valley Chiropractic
97-A Dobbins Street
Vacaville, CA, 95688

(707) 447-9885

Over the years as a chiropractor, I have discovered some common roadblocks that inhibit many patients from experiencing the most from their chiropractic care. I understand that all of you have unique circumstances in your life that may prohibit you from following through with recommendations listed below. These recommendations are to help you avoid mistakes that others have made during the course of their chiropractic program. In the event that you CAN follow through with these recommendations, I am confident that you will be healthier and happier for it!

It is our goal to help as many people as possible achieve their maximum health potential through the use of chiropractic care. Everyone who enters this office is unique. And every unique person has circumstances that determine how healthy or unhealthy that person is. Some patients respond very quickly to care, others much slower. Some patients require many visits while others require fewer visits. But one thing remains the same: Within the framework of every living person is a force or energy that we refer to as LIFE. From day one, this energy (that created you) continues to flow through nerves and direct EVERY single function within your body until the day that we perish. 

Thus, our job as chiropractors is very simple. We help in facilitating the expression of this "life energy" by releasing pressure from pinched nerves, allowing you to experience better health as the result. It is important that you understand that our goal, as it applies to your health, is NOT to treat nor mask the symptoms of pain! On the contrary, we see pain as being a very important tool utilized by the body, designed to protect you from additional injury. Allow me to explain. Most cars are equipped with a sensor in the engine and a light in the dash, designed to warn you when the oil level in your engine has dropped dangerously low. What would happen to your car if you chose to ignore that blinking oil light? It wouldn't take long before serious, and sometimes irreversible, damage would occur. That is why the chiropractic philosophy does not approach health by introducing toxic medications that are designed to merely mask symptoms. However, once the underlying cause has been addressed and before the condition is completely resolved, pain is often the first thing to go away.  


  • Follow through with your chiropractic program in its entirety. Avoid the mistake that some patients have made, discontinuing care as soon as the pain is gone. In choosing to do so, it is likely that the problem will return and the process will have to be started all over again. What negative response would you expect during orthodontic care if the braces were removed prematurely? Remember, removing pain is only a positive consequence of care, not the goal.
  • Chiropractic care is much like an exercise program. You must be consistent over a period of time before the results of your hard work begin to emerge. What type of results would you expect if you reported to the gym only once or twice a month? That is why it is so important to make up any missed appointment right away!
  • If at any time you experience discomfort during the course of care, apply an icepack to the affected region for 15-20 minutes. Do NOT apply the ice directly to the skin. I recommend that you soak a thin washcloth in warm water, ring it out, and use it as a barrier between the icepack and your skin. This may be repeated every hour until you feel relief.
  • It is a great idea for you to take time to rest on the adjustment table prior to your treatment. This takes stress off of the joints, allowing for a more comfortable adjustment
  • If time permits, spend a few minutes walking around before you get back into vehicle following an adjustment. You are likely to find that your adjustments will hold better.
  • In the event of a new or recent injury, or a flare-up of an old injury, apply ice to the injured site right away. Avoid heat! No hot tubs! No hot showers! No hot baths! It may feel good while you are applying it, but hours later, watch out!
  • Get plenty of sleep. A minimum of 8 hours is recommended for the first two weeks of care. More than 8 hours may be necessary if you are older, your health is poor, or if your injuries are substantial.
  • When sleeping, it is best that you sleep on your back. You should use a cervical pillow to support the natural curve in your neck. You should also bend the knees and place a supportive pillow under your bent knees.
  • If sleeping on your back doesn't sound appealing, try sleeping on your side. When sleeping on your side, bend the knees and place a pillow between your bent knees. The supportive pillow under your head should be just thick enough to keep the head level. Avoid the temptation to sleep with big, fluffy, oversized pillows. Doing so can torque the neck causing you to wake up very stiff and sore.
  • If you find that you go to sleep feeling great but wake up each day feeling awful, it may be time to retire your mattress. For an averaged sized person, an average mattress has a life expectancy of up to 8 to 10 years. Look for dips or valleys in your mattress. This is a sure sign that it is time to go mattress shopping!
  • When purchasing a mattress, the goal should be support as well as comfort. A firm mattress usually is best. It is good to buy a mattress that comes with a trial period or an unconditional guarantee. This will give you the opportunity to see if your new purchase is a good one.
  • If you work on a hard surface such as concrete, it is important that you wear supportive shoes. If possible, place a rubber mat in the areas that you spend the most time standing.This alone can prevent future problems.
  • Take an opportunity to look at the soles of your most frequently worn shoes. Look for uneven wear patterns. Does everything look symmetrical? Are you wearing out one side of the heel more than the other? This can be suggestive of imbalances within the foot, ankles, or pelvis that may require correction.   Correcting such imbalances will surely allow you to better hold your adjustments.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Proper nutrition is necessary for proper healing to occur. Supplementing with a quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral product is always a good idea!
  • Drink plenty of water. When tested, most people are found to be moderately dehydrated. Appropriately hydrated tissues are less likely to become injured.   Which type of branch is easier to brake? A dry one, or a wet, green one? Clear urine is a good indicator that you are drinking enough water. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages as they are often the culprits in causing dehydration in many individuals.
  • Take time to learn as much as you can about health. The more that you know about health, the likelier you are to be healthy!

  • If you are a smoker, QUIT SMOKING! Cigarette smoking aggravates ALL conditions.It reduces your body's ability to carry oxygen. Good oxygenation of the tissues is a must for appropriate healing to occur!
  • Avoid prolonged periods of any single posture, especially sitting. It is important that you keep moving. If you are required to sit at work, get up and move around after every 45 minutes to an hour. 
  • In the early phase of treatment and when you are in acute pain, avoid long trips in the car. Sitting and bouncing is likely to aggravate any injury that you may have.
  • Avoid "self-adjusting". As your condition improves you will note the desire to do this will lessen.
  • Avoid junk food! Sodas contain phosphates that can leach necessary calcium from your system. I often get a chuckle while at the gas station, finding it funny to watch someone walk out of the store with a hot dog and soda in hand, stopping to put super unleaded gas into their car. Does this make sense to you?
  • Avoid diet foods and drinks that contain aspartame (aka Nutrasweet, Equal, and Spoonful) This chemical is known to be toxic to the nervous system and cause a variety of neurological symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, numbness, blurred vision, anxiety, vertigo. . .to name just a few.
  • Men, get away from putting the wallet in the back pocket and sitting on it. Sitting on thick wallets can knock your back, hips, and pelvis out of alignment.   Instead, try thinning-out your wallet and/or put it in a jacket pocket. ANYWHERE but the back pocket while you sit.  
  • Women, what in the world are you carrying around in those unbelievably heavy purses? If you can possibly do with out it, leave it at home or in the car.   Lighten up the load and try alternating the carrying responsibilities between BOTH shoulders.
  • Avoid watching television while lying in bed. Unless you have your TV mounted near your ceiling, this posture forces an awkward position upon your neck and upper back
  • If you spend a lot of time reading or writing, do your best to avoid extended periods of time looking downward. Consider purchasing a desk with an option to incline such as a drafting table. This will allow your materials to be at an angle that is less challenging to your neck and back. Remember to take frequent breaks in order to stand and stretch. Sit upright, draw your shoulders back, and elevate your chin, looking upwards. This helps in easing tension away from strained joints and muscles.

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Star Tech European - Automotive Service and Repair Performance Specialists

 About Star Tech European

We are a European Automotive Service and Repair facility. We specialize in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and Mini. We are also a Bosche Service Center.

From minor services like oil changes to major repairs we are skilled and ready to service your vehicle with care and thoroughness. With over 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge to give you the best service possible.

Unlike most repair facilities, the owner of this facility is the head mechanic!

A Bit of History
Don Westhaver has been working on cars in Vallejo for over 35 years and was shop foreman for the Mercedes-Benz, Porsche dealer in Vallejo for 15 years. He was the recipient of the rare and coveted Star Technician award from the Mercedes-Benz factory. Don also has a great deal of Porsche factory training and has the Audi/VW Quality Control award as well. When that dealership closed, Don decided to go out on his own.

We moved to Vacaville 9 years ago and it began to make more sense to move our business to Vacaville. In January, 2008 we opened for business at our current location. We have been busy ever since with very little advertising and are very pleased that we made the move.

How We Feel About Business

The auto repair business doesn't have the  best reputation, so we go the extra mile to build trust. That includes taking extra time to really explain what your car needs and why. Our goal is to give professional, friendly, honest service without the stress and hassle of going to the dealer. We will never sell you something you don't need.

Star Tech European
23 Union Way
Vacaville, CA 95687

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Rick's Body & Paint - "You Wreck em - We Fix em"

Rick's Body & Paint
1130-K East Monte Vista Avenue
Vacaville, CA 95688

With 48 years of experience in the automotive industry, Rick's Auto Body provides the best auto collision repair in town! We have a staff of 5 qualified technicians that together have over 125 years of experience. Rick's has been in the same location in Vacaville, California for the past 26 years and is here to service Solano county.

Our commitment to training is demonstrated by our certification from I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, as a Gold Class Professional Repair Facility. I-CAR Training completed by our shop personnel includes Collision Repair, Finish Matching, Advanced Vehicle Systems, Steering and Suspension, Electronics for Collision Repair, Restraint systems, Aluminum Repair and Welding, Glass Replacement, Adhesive Bonding, and Plastics Repair.


Rick's Auto Body is one of only three auto repair facilities in Vacaville to achieve the AAA Approved Auto Repair standard. We believe in honesty and integrity and provide the best customer service possible.
Meeting the Highest Standards

The AAA Approved Auto Repair program approves only facilities that meet the highest standards in vehicle repair, competency, reliability, cleanliness, overall experience and fair pricing. These repair facilities must also employ only trained, certified technicians, and offer timely repairs, convenient hours and courteous service. AAA makes sure that your automobile repairs are conducted only by professionals.

Other benefits of using this program include:
  • Free maintenance inspections
  • Written estimates that guarantee repair costs can vary by no more than 10 percent unless authorized by you in advance
  • A nationwide warranty
  • Return of old parts
  • Free vehicle inspection for items that most frequently contribute to roadside breakdown
  • AAA help in the event of a dispute
With its unparalleled network of associated repair shops and guarantees, AAA gives you peace of mind for your entire automobile repair needs.

Learn more about AAA automobile repair at your regional AAA website. To get additional information, submit your ZIP code in the box below and click “GO”.  International Affiliate Members, click here to access the site.

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The Garden Court At Bryan-Braker Funeral Home

The Garden Court is available at Bryan-Braker Funeral Home for receptions after your loved one’s services. The Garden Court is conveniently located just outside of our chapel. By having the reception at the Garden Court we take on the responsibility of supplying soft drinks, tea, coffee, ice, paper plates, plastic ware, and a host. We take care of the clean up afterwards, not your family. Families may bring food or we can arrange catering for any size group. Our reception host will serve, attend to guests’ needs, and make you feel right at home.

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Why You Should Listen First, Market Later

In a new book, author Scott Stratten asks companies to listen to their customers to form real connections. Read more at:

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Knotty Hair Salon - A Bit of History


Prior to the stock market crash of 1929, business in Suisun was booming. Local historian Jerry Bowen cites a 1925 edition of the River News, which noted that Suisun City's prosperity at the time was evident by the success of its banks. Specifically, the Bank of Suisun, which in 1925 had more than 10 times its original capital stock of $100,000 in its vault.

Founded by R.D. Robbins on February 7, 1876, the Bank of Suisun was the town's first bank and Robbins oversaw its growth as president until his death in 1919. The bank's first location was 607 Main Street.

By 1927, the bank was ready for a new home. It found it, a few doors down on the corner of Main and Sacramento Streets. According to The Heritage Collection, a historical book on Fairfield-Suisun sites and structures, the building was built on the site of the Rummelsburg Dry Goods Store. Typifying the Mediterranean style of the 1920s and 1930s, it was designed with high-arched windows, a low-pitched tile roof, stucco surface walls, and a rectangular floor plan.

Today, some 85 years later, these same architectural features can still be found at 601 Main Street. Paint may have given the exterior a brand new look, but the basic design of the historic 1927 building remains perfectly preserved as Old Town glamour. Fittingly so, since these days Knotty Hair Salon is what buzzes with commerce there.

New owners Justin and Emily Giangrasso set up shop at the corner of Main and Sacramento in 2009, converting the building into a modern beauty salon with vintage touches. Customers can take a step back in time with a visit. The lather room, for example, is built inside the Bank of Suisun's old vault - complete with the original bank doors.

Read more in the Downtown Suisun City Walking Tour Guide.

Knotty Hair Salon is located in historical Suisun City. They are directly across from the beautiful waterfront. In 1927, this building was home to the Bank of Suisun. In 2009, Justin and Emily Giangrasso (owners) transformed this charming old building into a lovely salon with a friendly atmosphere.

Clients are now able to enjoy a relaxing shampoo in the chandelier adorned "Lather Room." At one time this room was the vault of the old bank. Still standing are the vault doors with all of their character and interest. Knotty Hair Salon has experienced stylists who cater to all. They offer a variety of services and specialize in many different areas. We highly recommend scheduling your appointment in advance, but walk-ins are always welcome!

Tuesday thru Friday 9:00am ~ 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday & Monday By Appointment Only
 601 Main Street
Suisun City, CA 94585
 Emily Giangrasso, Owner 707-434-9100 

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Hodson & Mullin - "Best Family Law Firm"


Hodson & Mullin has been a premier law firm in Solano County for over 15 years. The firm has been recognized as the Solano County Bar Association “Firm of the Year” and was recently recognized as "Best Family Law Firm" by the Vacaville Reporter.  Both supervising partners, John D. Hodson, CFLS, and Samuel C. Mullin, III, CWCS, have been designated Certified Specialists by the California State Bar Association's Board of Legal Specialization in their practice areas. John Hodson has served as Judge Pro Tempore for the Solano Superior Courts, and is a graduate of Pepperdine School of Law’s internationally recognized Straus Institute Litigation Mediation Training Program. Samuel Mullin served as Assistant Suisun City Attorney, both Partners have served as Federal Prosecutors for the U.S. Air Force and Judge Advocates. The Partners’ extensive experience and expertise has earned them repeated honors as “California Super Lawyers.”

The firm’s associate attorneys also bring a wealth of experience to Hodson & Mullin clients. . David Flores-Workman is an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney and also assists clients with Social Security Disability matters and is a member of the California State Bar Association and the Solano County Bar Association

The firm’s focus is on serving the needs of its clients in the North Bay through their two locations at 601 Buck Avenue in Vacaville, and in their Fairfield office at 723 Texas Street, Fairfield. The Partners’ military service also equips them with special expertise in representing military clients. Hodson & Mullin is also one of the few firms in the county with Certified Specialists who are committed to providing expert legal services to Spanish speaking clients.

The firm offers a wide variety of legal services including all aspects of Family Law (Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Establishment of Parental Relationship (Paternity), Child custody and Visitation, Domestic Violence, Prenuptial Agreements, Guardianships, Step-parent adoptions, Contempt proceedings, post judgment enforcement, mediation and other Domestic Relations matters), Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, Estate Planning, Personal Injury and Civil Litigation.

Hodson & Mullin has been a trusted presence in Solano County for years and the firm prides itself on its commitment to staying abreast of recent changes and current developments in the law through extensive continuing legal education to ensure every client has excellent representation. Much of our business is the result of referrals from former clients. Put our experience to work for you.

For more information, please visit

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It Works! - Rinda Paiz

Are you ready to re-dream again? Hear firsthand how the It Works! Opportunity is helping people just like you to reimagine their goals and re-dream their lives!

Ready to change your life with It Works!? Get skinny the healthy way with the one-of-a-kind It Works! products, including the It Works! Wrap, the body wrap that gives you results in as little as 45 minutes!

Carrying credit card debt, student loan debt—any kind of debt? Get out of debt with the It Works! Opportunity, and start living the life you deserve, one filled with friendships, fun, and FREEDOM!