Friday, June 17, 2011

Safe Side Security Recommends the VMAX480

Available at Safe Side Security, Inc.

The VMAX480 Proven Better, Faster, Smarter - More of what you have come to expect from the VMAX family of products. The VMAX480 is an upgrade of the advanced H.264 Linux Embedded digital video recorder VMAX. This DVR has all the features of VMAX plus more. With double the speed of VMAX, VMAX480 also features HDMI and VGA Support, Optional Looping Output, Mobile Device Quad View, and PTZ Control. The VMAX480 is available in 8 or 16 channel configurations with basic storage from 500 gigabytes to 4 terabytes.

With this technology you are able to view what is going on through your iPhone or Blackberry!


* Advanced H.264 Linux Embedded DVR
* Multiplex - Live, Playback, Recording, Backup, Network, Configuration
* 8 or 16 Channel
* 120fps at D1, Total 480fps at CIF
* HDMI and VGA Support
* One Touch Video Backup
* One Touch Reverse Playback
* Scheduled Network Backup
* Covert Channel
* Call Monitor
* Web-Based Client with Multi-User Access
* Automatic Private IP Addressing
* Simple & Free DDNS Support
* NTP (Network Time Protocol)
* Watermark Verification (Digital Signature Verification)
* Network Bandwidth Control
* DVR Health Check with Email Notification
* DVR Calculation and Auto Recording Configuration
* Help Menu on Major Function
* Configuration Import/Export
* Auto or Manual Firmware Upgrade Available
* Screen Saver to Protect Monitor Screen
* 4 Sensor Input, 1 Sensor Output
* Looping Output (Optional)
* Email or Text Event Notifications with Snapshots
* Central Management Software, Up to 128 CH
* Mobile Application for Blackberry, iPhone, Android
* Mobile Device Quad View and PTZ Control
* MAC Compatible Remote Software
* USB Mouse, IR Remote Control GUI
* Optional External USB DVD-RW or HDD Available for Backup
* 5 Year Limited Warranty

For more information visit Digital Watchdog

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