Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Duct Cleaning by North Bay Air Systems

FACT: 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and typical household indoor air pollutants has been found to be up to 70 times greater than outdoor air. (USEPA)

Your duct system functions as the respiratory system of your home. When it becomes contaminated (mold spores, bacteria, fungus, mildew microbes' dust mites, etc.), and congested, it should be cleaned so it can breath normally and efficiently. Each time you turn on your furnace or A/C, these contaminants are spewed out and circulated throughout your home and can affect your health and comfort. Removal of contaminants from the entire HVAC system is recognized by industry experts as the most effective way to eliminate air duct pollutants.

Our HEPA-AIR cleaning system assures that your ducts are being cleaned with the most advanced source removal equipment available. This system allows our technicians to thoroughly clean your entire duct system.

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