Friday, August 1, 2008

How To Make Your Website Work For You, Part 4

Grow your site. Of all the things we see with small business websites, they build them and quickly forget they are there. A website will only be as effective as the information and if that doesn't change there's no reason for prospects or customers to come back.

If your website has a comment at the bottom that says something like. . . last update on [date]. Get rid of that. What is the point of putting that on the website. It could only be a positive thing if that date is updated daily along with the site. We know one that says last updated in 2006. That's a fresh site?

Here's a good goal: add a page a month. That's not much, but it is something to continue to grow your site with. Add some information about products, information links, photos, detailed descriptions, articles about what you do, ideas for future product or services, a newsletter tab, a newsletter archive tab, a link to your blog, and much more.

Pretend you're a customer coming to your site and think what you might like to see that would continue to peak your interest. Add some of that. Ask your friends and associates to give you their input to what they might like to see to maintain their interest. Add some of that. Keep your mind open to new thoughts and ideas about your site and add some of that. There you go, your site is growing every month. A little here, a little there and pretty soon, you have a lot of great information, photos, videos and more. Great job. Keep it going.

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