Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm A Raving Fan Of Romano's Macaroni Grill

I'm in a raving fan mood this week! I have a number of favorite places to eat, but at the top of the list is Romano's Macaroni Grill.

It seems that it is impossible to get anything off the mark there. I have tried so many things off the menu just trying new things, returning to old favorites (grilled salmon, twice baked lasagna). The one in Roseville, CA is the one I've frequented the most, but I have tried them in other locations with the same perfect results. I mean, you would think they would miss the mark somewhere in about 35 trips, but they have not even skipped a beat. Sheer perfection in every case. Absolutely delicious, great presentation, good timing, good service, nice atmosphere, comfortable seating. It is just all good. I have referred tons of people to the Macaroni Grill and I haven't heard anything but the same kind of experiences.

The bread they serve at the beginning is out of this world good. We never fail to finish the loaf and sometimes even get more. Dip that in the olive oil and my goodness, you could make that your meal. Then you have to save room for one of the best deserts on the planet: Smothered Chocolate Cake. I have even gone just for the Chocolate Cake. It is just scrumptious! Of course their pasta dishes are well known, but their pizza is great too. I love the BBQ Chicken pizza.

So what is this experience all about? I think it is a well stocked menu. Everything I have tried is just wonderful. It is an inviting front portion with the bread and the comfort. It is the atmosphere, pleasant, not dark, but soft lighting. It is seeing the kitchen cooking things one at a time right in front of your eyes. It is the well trained servers that take very good care of you. It is the consistency of the experience. Thirty-Five times for me and I tell you that it is as consistent as it can be to me. I haven't even mentioned price. Price is another great aspect. The pricing is what I would call extremely reasonable. When I leave, I am happy to have paid the bill. Many other places, I don't feel so good about that. My one complaint (which is not really a complaint at all) is that there are not enough of them around. I have to drive a piece to get to one, but I have no problem doing that as you might imagine.

How can we give our customers that kind of experience over and over again? How can we develop some raving fans who would write a piece like this--or even, just tell anyone who might listen? Is it possible to have a plan this good?

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