Sunday, August 3, 2008

How To Make Your Website Work For You, Part 6

Change from sending out mail to sending email, but make it interesting a send an HTML email newsletter style piece promoting your business, your products, services and your website.

When you send out mail, even though you may have your website included, the customer or prospect must go to a computer and type in the address. It's not that this is a hard thing to do, but we're not sure when they might get around to it. With the HTML style newsletter, the piece can have the same or even greater design features like photos, logos, graphics as you would have in the direct mail piece; however, with the insertion of links, people only need click on it while they are looking at the newsletter. Much better chance of them getting to your site by probably a factor of 10. In addition to your website link, you can link certain pages of your site to have them go once, twice, three times or more.

We talked in this series that there needs to be a good amount of content and interest to have your customers and prospects visit your site again and again. Maybe this time they will come to look at a product or service feature and another time it might be an article of interest. Keep expanding your value to your customers and prospects by expanding your site and its interest.

The email marketing will not only help get people to your website, but it will help you get information to customers more effectively. Sure there are some that don't use the computer much, but that is becoming more and more rare. With the volume of information now on the Web, you will need to keep increasing the value of your site and as that value increases, your customer loyalty is increased.

Having a website is just one piece of the marketing and there are many things related to it that can dramatically help you move forward with your Web presence and web commerce.

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