Friday, August 29, 2008

Pay Attention To Your Resistance

You might be doing well, things going just fine, or not. Either way, it is a great idea to pay attention to your resistance--your resistance to change, to ideas, to other ways of doing a thing. I'm sure that you are smart and have learned and retained a great deal of knowledge. This world is rapidly changing and sometimes change is a really good thing.

One thing is for sure--things will not stay the same even though you may want them to. So, being open to new ideas, new ways, new thoughts can be very beneficial. Certainly, with even a slightly open mind, you will take on new information and since you are always in control, you can take it, use it or reject it. That's fine. The only point I am wanting to make is to be open to learning more, hearing different ideas especially as it relates to what you are doing in your business. Pay attention to your level of resistance and that will help you see whether you are open or closed.

This might just be a 'guy' thing, but most guys I know sure do like their routines. The more something is routine, the better. It is so easy to develop a routine and even easier to stay in one, but sometimes there is something that will just change your methods dramatically. This is a simple example: with my eBay business, I was so used to printing my shipping labels through eBay and PayPal that I just didn't want to change. I did it this way for about 2 years. Yet, it was very slow and the more I shipped daily, the more that problem glared at me. Finally, I decided to open up to a new and better way and I sought advice. I actually found it through the Post Office and they connected me with a private vendor called Now instead of two hours, it takes 15 minutes. That is a huge positive change! I was resistant, but then was motivated to let go of the resistance and break through to a better place. I'm very happy with this move, but I am open to better ways as they might come to me.

What is your resistance level about methods in your business? Are you planted in concrete? I think working your plan and remaining flexible to change is an ideal place to be. I would not want anyone to be wishy-washy about what they are doing and where they are going. Focus is good, but so is flexibility. Think like this: a large tree could not get large if it was not flexible, yet it continues to grow because it is flexible.

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