Saturday, August 30, 2008

Logos Are Important

Logos are important. They help brand your company. They have a good shelf life, yet they will need to be updated at some point. Ford Motor Company has changed their logo a number of times in the last hundred years, but the differences were small. They didn't change the basic concept, it was just freshened up and brought more current. Think how important the Ford logo is to Ford. The same applies with GM, Dodge, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, The Home Depot, and thousands of other companies who use logos effectively. You can see our logo at the top left of the blog. If you are thinking about growing your business beyond a job, a logo can be of real value to you.

Although you can pay many thousands for a logo, you can get a good one very reasonably. Ours cost $299 though a very good company called We so highly recommend Logoworks because of their very smooth and speedy process and if you let them, they will come up with some great ideas. They have some higher priced packages which essentially sell more time of going back and forth with concepts and adaptations. We have had a number of logos done through Logoworks including The Nor Cal Ford Truck Club,, Commercial Truck Success, North Bay Truck Body and Upward Trend Management Services. All were done with the same smooth speed and success.

What we see in contacting businesses is people trying to get logos done for almost nothing and having their brother-in-law's friend do it for them, or some even try doing logos themselves. We have seen that generally the results of that are not at all good. Hire some professionals--people who do this for a living. There are a lot of companies that do logos, but one that we know does a great job every time (so far!) is They provide the logo in various formats that you can use in advertising, emails, websites and print. Try them and I'm sure you will agree.

Next, use that nice new logo everywhere. Get it out there as a brand for your company. You want people to know who you are when they just see the logo and nothing else. That is how it is with all the big companies I mentioned above and they use that logo on everything.

Logos are important and they are very inexpensive when you consider how many ways it will be used over a long period of time. If you already have a logo, take a real good look at it and see if it needs to be updated. The current Upward Trend logo is an updated version of a logo I had done in 1982. What an improvement! If you do not now have a logo, I recommend that you get one right away and within a week you can be making great use of it.

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