Thursday, July 31, 2008

How To Make Your Website Work For You, Part 3

Promote your website. Make sure everyone that you talk to knows about your site. Have it printed on your business cards and every other piece of printed material you give out. Have a stamp made so you can stamp in on other people's product literature. Print it on your shopping bags, on your front window, on your forehead. Well, not your forehead, but everywhere else is cool.

In the first year at least and even beyond that, you want everyone that you talk with to know about your site and have the address for it. Carry your cards with you everywhere you go and hand them out. Promote it in every way you can.

If you run ads on the radio, give out your site; ads in the paper, put your site there. Publish it everywhere and get the word out. Get other people promoting it for you.

This all assumes that you have a site that you think people will want to see that has a lot of content for them to look through and has a lot of pictures to see as well. You will also need to constantly improve your site every month or people will not come back to it. Keep it fresh and changing. Promote the changes to encourage people to come back again and again.

You can offer special deals that are only on the website and advertised nowhere else. Encourage people to check it out and see what special deals are there. Let them know that they change often so they will come back again and again. If you do that, I recommend that you stick to that and advertise those deals only there. If they find it, they get the deal.

Promote your site with other Internet tools such as a blog. This blog promotes our website and also gives out valuable information at no cost. This is a great tool for promoting your site. You can also become involved if you aren't already in some social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and others.

The more ways you can promote your site, the better. Make your site valuable so that people want to go to it and promote it on every level. This is the fast track to a successful website.

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