Wednesday, January 12, 2011

They Don't Get Any Better. . . Than Paul Brown

Shopping for a car or truck can be a real challenge, especially when it comes down to actually buying it and hoping you are talking to someone you can trust and be on your side. I know that feeling.

Let me introduce a friend and as good a guy as you'd ever want to meet who can be of great service to you when you need a car or truck. His name is Paul Brown and he is the Commercial/Fleet manager at Larry Geweke Ford in Yuba City and has been at the same dealership for a long time. Since I was a sales manager in the car business for many years, I would call Paul Brown a superstar. He has a huge repeat customer following and there is good reason for that. He takes great care of his customers and makes sure they get the best price and terms possible. Not only, that, he is extremely knowledgeable, so he can answer your questions with authority. Heck, when I have questions, I call him!

Paul is a family man and a leader. He is president of the Nor Cal Ford Truck Club and has been since its inception many years ago. He works for a dealer, Larry Geweke, who is also as good as they come, also a family man, community supporter, and runs a very successful business enterprise. These are just some of the reasons that Paul Brown is an excellent choice.

Next time you're thinking about a new or used car or truck (especially a Ford, but they also have Toyota, Scion, and Kia, as well as getting you whatever you want), call Paul Brown at 530-682-7693. Tell him Terry Minion of Upward Trend suggested you call. After all, I am one of his customers too! Forget about the distance if you're not near him. He delivers vehicles all over the state! Visit Paul's blog too.

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