Thursday, January 6, 2011

Got Event? Call The Queen Of Marketing!

Check out the Queen of Marketing's Services:

Event Planning
Chamber of Commerce Mixers, Ribbon Cutting, Cocktail Parties, Community Involvement, Events, and much more.

Media Relations
Press Releases, News Articles, Local Publishing for Event Support, and more.

Brand visibility, Name Recognition, Customer Contact, Event Accessibility.

Our customers enjoy the fruits of our networking, including being introduced to potential customers and valuable business members in the surrounding communities.

Viral Marketing
We get the word out to the customers and businesses about your company through a variety of media, both real-time and virtual.

Public Relations
We advise your company or organization on sensitive public matters and help keep your reputation shining within the community.

These are examples of the services that Queen of Marketing can provide. If you don't see a service you're looking for, just ask. We have a wide variety of contacts that we can access to facilitate your goals.

If you have events coming up this year, give the Queens a call Nicole Arabia at 707-689-0168, or Jodi McGuire at 707-628-7775. Plan ahead. The more time you give them, the better the turnout! See their website at

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