Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Life: The Sequel Is Highly Recommended by Terry Minion

I've read a serious number of self-help, success, business related books over the years and I have to say that this book by Wendy VanHatten and Mary Guinane McNamara, My Life: The Sequel, A Girlfriend's Guide To Personal Success is very well done and in a nice concise and inexpensive package. You can get it on for only $15 plus shipping. A true bargain!

It is obviously designed for women who would like something more and offers a great many small helps in thinking of how to create a business while managing a home. At the same time, we guys could sneak a peak and learn that many of those same things can just as easily apply to us and our busy lives.

I recommend this on the value of the content and the succinct and effective way it is presented. Check it out for yourself.

Here's an excerpt from My Life: The Sequel, A Girlfriend's Guide To Personal Success by Wendy VanHatten and Mary Guinane McNamara:

"I’m not sure I really want to know how many trips to the grocery store I’ve made over the years. It’s one of my least favorite tasks for many reasons, but in large part because no matter how good I get at it, I never win the battle.

Seriously, I’ve tried to win at the grocery store game.

I did all the shopping to host a party for over 100 people where I did all the cooking myself and I only made two trips to the store. I compiled the necessary ingredients into two computerized, alphabetized lists. (And, I admit, in a very anal moment I organized them by aisles, too.) In one trip a week ahead, I bought all the non-perishables and two days before the party I bought the rest. I cooked for two days and didn’t have to make a single trip back to the store for a forgotten item. I was so proud. And, still no one gave me a “Queen of Organization” award for my grocery shopping prowess.

And the very next week I had to go back and start all over!

Perhaps it’s my dislike of the grocery store that motivated me to start looking at it differently. If I couldn’t love it, at least I could hate it less by looking at the good parts. So, I started checking out sections I’d previously ignored, stopping to look at products I’d never bought, and I realized I was missing out on some pretty interesting stuff.

As my life has changed, I realize my grocery shopping habits have, too. I find myself gravitating quickly to the things I know my family likes and will eat. Simply to avoid the hassles involved in trying something new, I shopped as a creature of habit instead of bothering to think about what I really wanted. Looking back, I realized I ignored different parts of the store ten years ago than the aisles I tend to skip now.

But, the true problem lies in making choices without thought, whether for groceries or for life."

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