Sunday, October 23, 2011

TEDxZurich - Benedikt Germanier - Value driven living

As a strategist on Wall Street, I had to learn what it meant when people were purely money driven, thinking of nothing but how to make money. After the second year in Greenwich I got sick driving through the posh neighbourhood. When my boss called me up on the trading floor to offer me a pay rise in the middle of he financial crisis, I knew it was time to go and start a value driven approach to live and work. Today, I manage a small company that is dedicated to innovate and create beautiful things to the benefit of humanity.

Benedikt Germanier, CEO at zai
In the summer of 2009, Benedikt was appointed CEO by the zai Investor Board. Since then, he also teaches economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Chur and Rapperswil. Before taking on his new roles, Benedikt lived in the USA and worked as a leading strategist for UBS Investment Bank. He studied in Zurich while working as ski and tennis instructor, promoting courses in sports and Feldenkrais therapy. Benedikt is married and has four children.

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