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The Entrepreneurial Spirit Series: Angel Tuccy, Experience Pros Radio Show

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Series

Angel Tuccy, Experience Pros Radio Show

Speaking with Angel Tuccy, host of the Experience Pros Radio Show in Denver, Colorado, mother of three teenagers, and best-selling author provides me with yet another entrepreneur. Does Angel see herself as an entrepreneur? Better yet…does she have that Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Angel tells me she believes entrepreneurs have a unique passion and drive that can’t be contained in a 9-5 job. They pursue creativity, vision and challenges, and they’re willing to work for it. They work really hard for it.

She should know. She’s the host of a positive business talk radio show. “Being positive means that we offer something very unique on the dial. I am also an author.” Not just any author, mind you. Angel has several books published and probably working on more.

So how does she keep herself focused and get her business to grow? She focuses on building relationships, networking and asking others “How can I help you grow your business.” “I find that when I help others, I manage to help myself.”

She loves what she does. Some days, she says she has so much fun and gets to meet so many wonderful people that she can’t believe she gets paid for it. “Even though it’s long hours and hard work, it’s so rewarding to connect with people and help them make a difference in their own lives.”

Oh yeah she has a passion, too. “I want to encourage people. We have been gifted with abundant resources and talents. Sometimes, we just need someone to believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. And I define my passion through my actions. You can see it. You can feel it.”

Driven by her connections with other people is how she strives for excellence. But it’s not without risk. She is afraid of risk on one hand. But more than that, she is afraid of regret. “If I don’t try it, I will regret it.” After all she did take plenty of risks to start her business.

“In the beginning, there was no income and I didn’t have any public speaking experience. All I had was faith that I had something to offer. There were challenges that I discovered the hard way. One of our first rejections taught me to listen more and talk less. Another rejection taught me to that I had to identify my target market. Some of the lessons were tough to swallow, but necessary to help me develop and grow. Also, I wouldn’t have thrown my husband into the fountain at one of my speaking events.”

Does Angel view herself as successful? According to her, success is defined by creating the lifestyle she loves. “We work to create a better quality of life for me and my family. I love to work. I love to be with my family. Success is getting to do both every single day.”

That success keeps coming. “My career has hit several “success” milestones. We’ve interviewed celebrities. We’ve been invited to be keynote speakers. Our radio show is syndicating into the national market. I think we are just beginning to see the success of the last three years of effort.”

Angel understands how profit fits into a successful business, as well. She reminds others not to short change yourself and your business. She’s not motivated by profit but is smart about generating revenue at the same time. “After all, my contact list doesn’t pay the bills.”

What does it take and how do you get there? Angel says she has had to become an expert in customer service, networking, marketing, and life balance by surrounding herself in these topics and experiences.

And her advice for entrepreneurs or those just starting out in business…”Don’t give up. Surround yourself with big thinkers and dreamers who believe in you. Pay yourself first.”

Great advice, if you ask me.

When asked if she sees herself as having the Entrepreneurial Spirit…her answer of “Absolutely” comes through loud and clear.

I know what I think…I agree with her.

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This series of articles was commissioned by Upward Trend and written by Wendy VanHatten, a nationally published author, editor, and writing coach.

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