Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Website As A Tool On Phone Calls

One of the best uses of a website is having a central place for you to communicate with your prospect so each of you can view the same thing. It will help immensely in closing deals or clearing misunderstandings.

When talking about a product you sell, even if you don't actually sell online, having the information and photographs available so that you and your prospect can see them together and discuss things will payoff big. How many times have you received a phone call with a question on a product and you are trying to describe it over the phone. When the other person on the phone can see it with you without leaving their home or office, you both win.

We've built websites for some body companies and some of these sites have well over 500 photos. It then becomes easy for the salesperson at the body company to talk with a prospect while they are both online and have them follow along while you are able to show them photos of the product that you think is right for them. You can close the deal right then and there. It is amazing how well this works.

It doesn't matter what business you are in. If you have products, filling your website with photos and information will be extremely beneficial to your prospect and your bottom line.

Can you do this effectively with the website you currently have? I have seen hundreds of sites that have dinky little photos of representative product that are of little value. That is more like a business card or flyer than an effective website. Think of your website as helping you make deals! How pretty it looks is important but compared to effective useability, it is insignificant. Some are obsessed with how professional a site looks. I'm not real sure what that means exactly, but it usually means pretty (or clean) but ineffective. Concentrate on effective and the rest won't matter. All the more reason to have someone like us build a site because all of our background is in selling products and services rather than website design. When we design a site, we think of it in those terms.

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