Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blogs Are Cool, Fun and Productive

Depending on what a blog is used for it can be many things to many people. For a business, it can be a surprising help to promote your business, your image, your mission and your website. This blog is new, but I have another blog that has been going a bit longer. Even in this short time, the blog has been of great assistance by being noticed on the search engines and how it ties to our website Upward Trend. We also have another blog, Commercial Truck Success that ties to its website and email newsletter.

For our business, the blog serves several purposes. One is to promote the business by links and by site. Another is to promote the business through articles, video. That is done is a large way through sharing insights, thoughts, experiences. It is an opportunity to expose some of your philosophy and how you view business. I don't discuss personal views like politics, just ideas, things I've learned in my travels, observations of other businesses and so on. Some people really enjoy reading them and for that I am pleased. I really enjoy writing them and that pleases me as well. Being able to tie that all together into a package focused on my business is way cool.

Another huge benefit of blogs is that I am not alone. There are a lot of people who are doing just as I am. I subscribe to a number of blogs. Some are daily, others weekly. Here are two of my favorites: Seth Godin and Kirsty Dunphey. The benefit of this is that I learn something every day from them. Thank you Seth and thank you Kirsty for your efforts. It's not a matter of making money, it is sharing ideas and making everyone larger than they were before--including you and your business, we hope.

The blog essentially is an auxiliary website for your website. It's like adding an outfield to your infield. Since the web is focused on content, the blog can be of great help to you because the blog is all about content. You can then link your blog in countless ways through social networking sites, send it out through email via FeedBurner or FeedBlitz and others. Then, you can insert your blog into your website by using a widget or feed. It just goes on and on.

So, there you go. Add a blog and have some fun writing and creating content. Share some ideas. Don't be afraid. What goes here is public, but that's okay. Share because you want to and love to and it will work better. Enjoy the journey.

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