Thursday, September 26, 2013

Made in Madera

Printed by the Fresno Bee on February 3, 2013

Frustrated at jobs getting shipped overseas, a Madera manufacturer is launching a line of "Made in America" products.

The Nemat Management Group employs 30 people on Road 24 in Madera. Normally, they make machinery that other manufacturers use to make their products, such as grape-processing equipment or machinery that makes solar panels.

But owner Mike Nemat wants to start making products that are often now made in China. The company already is manufacturing the TV Mighty Mount, a metal mounting system for flat-screen TVs. The company will start taking orders on its website soon and hopes to find a retailer to sell the Mighty Mount.

Nemat also is considering making woodworking equipment and theft-proof mailboxes. High quality, simple design and a process with little waste can keep American-made products competitive and costs down, he said.

"I believe in making American products," he said. "I think manufacturing should have stayed in the United States. It shouldn't have gone offshore."

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