Monday, February 27, 2012

Tom Anderton Has Joined The Upward Trend Team!

Upward Trend is very pleased to announce that my long-time friend and associate, Tom Anderton has joined the Upward Trend team. Tom will be joining us as a sales manager with our fast growing company.

Tom is excited to be involved with Upward Trend and has seen and heard from several of our clients who speak for us in their satisfaction and pleasure of doing business with Upward Trend. Tom has been in sales pretty much all of his life and says he's been looking for just such an opportunity for a long time. And, we couldn't be happier to have Tom come aboard at this time where we are expanding into other states and very soon nationwide. Tom will be for us a sales manager, contacting potential clients, following up with existing clients and generally spreading the word. At the same time, Tom is preparing to potentially expand into the National Sales Director slot we have in mind for him.

One thing I know about Tom is that he is straight with people and wants to be proud of the product or service he is involved with. After thoroughly checking out our operation, our clients and our projected future, Tom says he is thrilled to be aboard and will do everything he can to help us move forward.

Call Tom Anderton at 707-980-3270 or email him at

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