Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking Over Your Shoulder

Some people get all excited and apprehensive about other companies opening up in the same field they are in. Whether it is a new restaurant, dentist, massage therapist, coffee shop, website design firm, car dealer--whatever market you might be in--spending time focusing on what they might be doing is tantamount to looking over your shoulder as you are trying to move in a forward direction. You're not going to go far that way without running into trouble.

I have some questions to ask: Who cares who just opened up, is going to open up or how many are in your field at any point? What good will it do to spend any time or energy looking at what they might be up to? What is good is to focus on what you do and how you do it and what value you provide and more. Think about what sets you apart, or better said, what is unique about you. Do more of that and no more looking over your shoulder.

I used to work for car dealers and they always saw the dealer of the same make in the next town (along with all the rest of them) as their main competition. I proved to many of them that to consider them partners instead of competitors would not only enhance your business, but everyone's business as well. I also owned a musical instrument store and did the same thing in the town I was in. It was shocking for them at first, but once they saw the sincerity, they got the hang of it.

So I recommend to stop looking over your shoulder at who is doing what and keep your eyes and focus on what you are doing instead. Then, create partnerships with any others to help each other rather than worrying about competition.

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