Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Series: Christina Baird

The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Christina Baird
For those of you that have read more than one post, there seems to be a theme evolving here.
It’s called “passion”. And it shows itself in dozens of ways.
For Christina Baird that passion equates to the Entrepreneurial Spirit. Christina works off of her passion to better the community she lives in…all for the greater good of a true intention. Spend a moment with Christina and the words passion and community blend together.
Her business is connecting people. No products…no sales…no tangible items. Yet, it works.
Christina tells me that by sharing a “need” we present a conscious choice to be accountable and to contribute in the way we see fit. “I am conscious of a need; my highest choice is to do what I can to make people aware of needs in our communities. To keep people “awake”.”
Spend a moment talking to her and you will find out all sorts of things the community needs and does. You will also want to help.
Her passion keeps going…she continually works to improve, grow personally, and practice humility. “We are all conduits. That’s it. We are not self made anything. Mankind is interconnected. Through compassion and understanding, a consciousness is maintained.”
What drives her? “Simple…my faith and my son Christopher.”
What role does risk play in all of this? For Christina that’s another simple answer. “I’m not afraid of risk. I have faith. Yes, I had to take risks. But I chose to fall back and be caught. You realize there are a lot of things you can live without during startups and you are still fine.”
If she had to do things differently, she would start with a bigger savings and save more money. But having said that, she also stays driven. And staying driven requires money sometimes. “When I am asked what those just starting out need to know, this is what I tell them. Stay true to your intention. Don’t stray from it. No one can say what your intention is or what it means…only you know what that is.”
So is she an expert? She just smiles and says she is a conduit.
And is she successful? “I define success as ‘smiles’. I am smiling.” And just how does profit fit into all of this? “The smiles are abundant.” Profit? Definitely…but of an entirely different kind.
Does Christina think she has that Entrepreneurial Spirit? She smiles and says “I am spirit.” I don’t know about you…but I think many positive spirits follow Christina and smile at her. She is a joy to be around…and definitely is an Entrepreneurial Spirit.
Christina doesn’t just sit in one spot. She takes her message to a wide range of communities. To learn more about Christina check out one of these sites…

This series of articles was commissioned by Upward Trend and written by Wendy VanHatten, a nationally published author, editor, and writing coach.

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