Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Leads Can Help With Niche Market In Direct Mail

American Leads Company is one of Upward Trend's Trend Setter Package clients. Here is a bit about this company:

American Leads can help you target your Expecting and New Parent potential customer.  Current market conditions make it vital you either begin or continue a sound marketing strategy. With the current economy it is more important than ever to keep up marketing your product or service to new customers. Many of our customers have been with us over 20 years and continue because it is vital to their business.

Baby stores, diaper services and financial services are some examples of our customers who use these hot prospects to grow their business.
 We specialize in quality list data for expectant and new parents and families with a child or children below a target age.

Call 800 695-5323 or email us for a no cost count estimate for your specific area; prenatal or prenatal and recent births (in the last 3 months).  Each record includes name, postal address and a coded expected month of birth. Get our guarantee of your initial expense and the accuracy of the list.  Marketing experts indicate a minimum of 1,100 should be tested to establish a list's effective rate of return.  Use a coupon or code in your marketing to track the success of your lists.

A fresh list each month sets up a consistent marketing program that will keep your sales rising.  A new list of prospects of expectant mothers and recent births puts you ahead of your competitors who only market occasionally.

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