Sunday, February 6, 2011

TEDxSingapore - Paul Dunn - Wonderful Talk On WOW And Its Positive Effects

This is a great talk and good to watch again and again, and it is especially great for business.

An engineer by training who quickly discovered people were more interesting than "things", Paul Dunn began his career in technology -- first at Hewlett-Packard then at an Australian computer start-up that became a $23 million enterprise.

In 1980, Paul decided his real love was marketing and speaking so he formed specialist marketing company The Results Corporation -- now a $20 million company. In 1992, he started Results Accountant Systems (RAS) aimed at accountants. Eight years later sold his business to spend more time mentoring his friends and clients. In 2003, he launched his book: The Firm of the Future.

Today, Paul helps create businesses around the world and is passionate about giving back to social causes. He is also the Chairman of the Buy1Give1 organisation, a Singapore-HQ'd non-profit that makes it easier for businesses to contribute to their larger community. He clocks up an average of 1,002,000 km of air travel each year.

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