Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Upward Trend's Trend Setter Package Moves The Internet Needle Consistently, Effectively, and Inexpensively! Part 3

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2 regarding Upward Trend's Trend Setter Package of services:

Today, I will continue the detail of our services. Yesterday, I covered the website, blog and CANi, or constant and never-ending improvement. Now, I'll move on to the rest of the package of services.

Social Media. It's all the rage and getting ever more popular and ever more complex. Facebook is the biggest success story and everyone wants to be on it. What started as a way for college people to stay in touch has become a favorite spot for businesses. So, we take advantage of that popularity and flexibility and have all of our clients in facebook. We set up a business page for fans that is attached to a personal page. That is the basics, but there are many more opportunities on facebook. Again, we use it as a tool to help spread the word in a easy going way.

On facebook, we do most of the work for our clients (as with all of our services) and help get fans and friends, use applications to enhance productivity and generally create influence and show our client's personality. This is a great place to combine business and a bit of fun too.

The next social media site we use on all our clients is Twitter. Generally anything posted to facebook, in turn gets posted to twitter, and we regularly expand followers and followed contacts.

Another social site that is very popular is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is generally used for communication with other business-minded people. I call it the facebook for business people. In this we have posts shared with facebook and twitter, and create a company page as well as personal page, expand information and increase connections (friends) every month.

There are other social media sites that we use from time to time including Tumblr. There are so many out there that we haven't even looked at them all, but we make sure and use the most popular to be as effective as we can be.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We do a number of things in this area including updating various databases and directories around the Internet that have high search rankings to make sure that the information is up to date and correct. Some of these are Manta, MerchantCircle, Google Maps, Other Maps from other search engines, and more. We do a little on this regularly. In addition, we update website meta tags and analyze other search engine enhancing methodologies. Most people don't even know these things exist and so many times they have incorrect information.

Video. We just expanded into video in October, 2010 as part of our CANi, constant and never-ending improvement. Why? Video is hot, hot, hot. We set up a YouTube account for each client and produce videos to be posted on YouTube and then onto their websites, blogs, facebook and so on. These are not high budget videos, but are very effective and we have a lot of plans on how we are going to move the needle with video. In addition, we will be offering professional video services through an associate vendor when our clients want to do TV commercials, or other higher quality, more complicated video productions.

Consulting services. In addition and at no extra charge, we offer individual consulting services to each client to help them grow their business as part of our service. We have a great deal of experience in sales, and sales management, as well as other aspects of business, so we help guide our clients as they desire us to toward achieving their goals.

80/20 Rule. We have learned to use the 80/20 rule. We do 80% of the work, our client gets to do 20%. We have realized by experience that we haven't yet met a client who isn't already very busy, and often even overloaded with things to do. Even if they had time, they probably wouldn't ever get around to doing the services we offer. Yet, it is their business, not ours, so they have to help us a little bit, and to direct us a little bit and we will take care of everything else. It's as close to having your marketing system on autopilot there is. Matter of fact, in many cases, we do more than 80%. Our clients seem to like the 80/20 rule. We do too because it keeps us on our toes and in business!

No long-term contracts. I hate long-term contracts like they have on cell phones and the like. Nobody on our team likes them. In fact, I don't know anyone who does except the cell phone companies. In fact, we don't even have a contact at all. We have an agreement. Our clients can stop whenever they want to for whatever reason they want to and we only ask (not demand) a 30-day notice. But, here's the deal: if they stop, we stop. We believe that once a client gets a taste for the over-the-top service that we provide for such a low cost, and yet is so effective at putting signs all over the Internet, they will never want to leave. Why would they? Every month, we update all of these services that I've been writing about. Every month, many times per month, there are more and more signs, more and more hits to their sites, more and more influence being generated, every month their marketing is expanding. The yellow thing doesn't do that, nor is there any other marketing that we have seen that comes close to the value of the Trend Setter Package.

Give Terry a call at 707-434-9967, or Ryan at 707-480-0959. We would love to have you as a Trend Setter Client expanding your influence on the Internet.

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