Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retail Prison

Having owned a retail store, the absolute worst thing I experienced was standing around (or sitting) and waiting for a prospect to come through the door. Sometimes it was hours before the next one came through. I hated it.

It seems that there should be something in the store that is always in need of doing: dusting, re-tagging merchandise, straightening displays, creating new displays, updating computer database, repairing things, cleaning things, rearranging things, buying things, just all kinds of things to do. Of course, they all need to be done, but they don't do much for the waiting game except perhaps, make it go by quicker.

What is far better and much more effective to do is to send out some flyers, letters, notices, postcards to your customers and prospects. Your close customers could be reached by telephone. In today's world, email is a great way to stay in touch and make known your killer sales and grand opportunities--even just to reach out and speak to another person . . . a real live person.

With this kind of thing, you are moving forward. All that other stuff is of little importance in comparison.

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