Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have You Had Your Fix Today?

It's all around you. You read the newspaper and news magazines at the doctors office, watch the news on TV, hear it on the radio, see it on the Internet, hear it from your friends. A few doses of that stuff is a few doses too many, so it is no wonder you are in need of an escape at the end of the day.

Something that will improve your outlook and response to this kind of attack on you is to make sure and get your daily fix of positive, uplifting, inspiring messages. I get a bunch of them everyday and it really helps to keep me thinking positive thoughts. Here's a few links that I subscribe to that you may also find beneficial.

Daily Inspirational Quotes

Daily Thought of Power

One of my favorites: Notes From the Universe

You can never get enough encouragement, uplifting words, or inspiration. I probably subscribe to about 10 things like this. What an advantage!

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