Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Best Value In Shipping Supplies: ValueMailers

Today I am plugging a company that I am pleased to have found: ValueMailers. I found them on eBay (their eBay ID is THREERB) while looking for a good price on bubble mailers. I not only found the best price, but the best and consistent service, a superior product and a huge selection. They ship immediately, notify you of shipment and tracking numbers and their communications are complete.

If you have need of shipping products like bubble mailers, poly bags, Zip Lock bags, carton sealing tape, stay flat mailers, bubble wrap, labels, packing peanuts, tissue paper, record mailers, or boxes, this is a good place.

I buy a lot of bubble mailers in a number of different sizes. Last year, I bought several thousand of them. They have the best price I have found and also the best product, service and in-stock selection. I love that I can buy and have them shipped the same day so that I need not carry too much inventory. So far, I have only been buying bubble mailers from them, but I just found out they carry the extra large Zip Lock bags in various sizes. I have been looking all over for those and they have over a million in stock ready to go, so I will be buying some of that product from them. They are not the best price on bubble wrap, but it is a very good price.

All in all, this company is worth sharing with everyone I know. If you ship products and have need of shipping products to get them there safely, you can count on Value Mailers.

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