Friday, November 4, 2016

The National Ford Truck Club - Helping Ford Professionals Increase Their Effectiveness

Safe Fleet - 2016 - Matt Lewis, inView 360 Degree Camera System

SAFE FLEET demonstrates their inView 360 degree camera system for John Hughes, President of the National Ford Truck Club. With safety as paramount, its key feature is the elimination of blind-spots around the vehicle with a birds-eye view. With a monitor in the cab, the rear and side view mirrors are greatly enhanced when parking, maneuvering in traffic and at the job site. There are four cameras placed around the vehicle...

National Ford Truck Club

The National Ford Truck Club (NFTC) was established in March, 2006, at the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Twelve of 18 Regional Truck Clubs sent representatives to the meeting. Much of the talk was focused on how to make Regional Clubs better for members. It was agreed that a National Ford Truck Club could bring Fleet and Commercial Sales Managers; Ford Professionals, together to discuss common challenges relating to our unique role in the vehicle sales business.

The NFTC’s mission is to help all Ford Professionals increase their effectiveness through the exchange of ideas with peers; through education and exposure to resources and procedures used by other successful FordPros. Where there are Regional Clubs, the NFTC works to help them grow and meet the needs in their area.

Four out of five dealerships are located too far from a Regional Club for regular participation by the FordPros in that market. The NFTC wanted to make benefits of a club available to all FordPros at any Ford dealership in the country. To serve this broad group of professionals nationally, the NFTC vowed to build Internet-based tools and resources so the NFTC can offer practical benefits to all FordPros.

FordPros Magazine

FordPros Magazine is the official publication of the National Ford Truck Club. It is published quarterly; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, and mailed free to all Ford Fleet and Commercial Managers in the United States.

FordPros Magazine is a collaborative effort and could not be provided to the industry without the support of the National Ford Truck Club Sponsors, Ford Motor Company, National Ford Truck Club members and the National Office.

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