Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wendy VanHatten Publishes New Children's Book

Wendy VanHatten announces her latest publication, a children's book titled Max and Myron, Learn Please and Thank You. It was co-authored by R David Kryder and wonderfully illustrated by Corie Barloggi.

What some are saying about this book:

This is an awesome book for parents, teachers and other educators to use when teaching young children. The repetition reinforces appropriate sentence structure needed to help children express their ideas and ask questions. It can also be used as a social story to teach good manners."—Yutonya Carter, MS, SLP, Speech Language Pathologist

"I am a kindergarten teacher and this is a fantastic book to be used in the classroom for teaching manners. What a great way to reinforce "please" and "thank you". The sentence frame lesson in the book helps parents and educators check for understanding for beginning readers and English Language Learners."—Eileen Neufeld, Kindergartgen Teacher

"This is a great book to use in the class and at home. This is great practice for emergent readers and students at the early intermediate and intermediate levels of English Language Development. Teachers and parents will also find this book useful in teaching positive character development."—Monifa Williams, MA. Ed., Elementary Principal

"I feel the illustrations are colorful, bright and fun to look at. I feel children can truly relate to the characters in the book. Max and Myron are kid-friendly, entertaining, and truly make reading this story engaging for all its readers."—Samantha Johnson, Tutor

The book will be available on Amazon in soft cover very soon, but a Kindle version is available right now at Amazon

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