Friday, September 30, 2011

Closed. Gone Fishing. Out To Lunch. On Vacation. We're Not Here. See Ya!

I am continually amazed when I find businesses who claim to want more business, complain about the economy, and more, who aren't even open during business hours. Yes, during business hours.

A business goes to the trouble and posts their hours, and then doesn't even stick to that? I've seen it many times.

There is a huge assumption here that if someone shows up at your business and you're closed during business hours that they will just come back another time. It is seriously doubtful, but what about having that happen twice? See ya! You've just lost another customer of who knows what value to your business.

I can name three local businesses in the last six months where I've shown up at their store intending to buy and found the doors locked and the lights off. All three of these I went back to a second time and found them closed again. I wonder how they could ever grow a business this way.

One of the most basic rules necessary for good business: When you're open, be there!

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