Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Help Your Business To Become Child-Like

"Of course, the world is very different in the age of the Internet. But they they thought the same darn thing when the cars came along. They thought the same darn thing when the trains came along. They thought the same darn thing when the canals came along."

-- Tom Peters

Tools change. They sometimes change radically, yet human nature remains. Has the Internet changed business? Yes and no. Yes, it is a new and different way to connect, do business, spread the word, gather and disseminate information. It is one of the more radical changes and something that grew so large and so fast that it was unprecedented. No, it hasn't changed business in the basic sense of business. People still exchange products or services (value) for money (value). The more businesses there are, the more businesses need to be better in order to continue to do business on the Internet--or anywhere else.

Attitudes change. Ever so slowly sometimes. They call those slowly people in today's vernacular, late adopters. I can relate to them. I've been one. Still am I suppose. My cell phone is 4 years old when the average cell phone in the United States is stated as less than 18 months old. I figure I'll catch up sometime soon. Or later. But, late adopters are just slow to decide to change. They aren't necessarily rejecting the change. It's those naysayers that have the attitude that canals are still the way. And phone books. . .

Then, look at your children. The average age of first cell phone ownership is now 8 years of age. Wow. Kids just seem to naturally take to the technology that many of us avoid until it's perfected. They just flow with it and know about it and are on top of all the changes and future changes. They lead. We follow.

So, business is business and if we are going to stay in business, we would do better to have less resistance to the changes and maybe bring in some kids to help us out. The Internet is today. What is tomorrow? We as businesses need to head there as soon as possible. The business is going there. Our business will need to in order to thrive. All aboard!

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