Friday, June 25, 2010

Who Needs A Deadline. . . It Will Take As Long As It Takes!

"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."

-- C Northcote Parkinson

Ain't it the truth! You know, I am sure that procrastination must rely on this truth, for without it, there would be no time left to procrastinate.

Think about it. We put off decisions (work) by having loads of time available. If we shorten the available time, the decision would have to be made. Why should it take three weeks to decide on something that you know in your heart is already decided, yet just wanting to make sure it is the right decision fills the time. So many times the decision inside is done in a very short time frame. We know what we like, don't like and what works and doesn't work for us. Moving forward makes perfect sense, but we still have time left on the meter and we do want to make sure of. . . .something. It can't be this easy, can it?

I've been taught that super successful people are quick to decide and very slow to change their mind. How else could someone manage a large corporation, or other such project. Decision making becomes an art and it is something practiced daily on many levels. They must set arbitrary deadlines for the decision, so they can just get on with the workload. Makes perfect sense.

Here's to paying attention to the time we give ourselves to get things done, or to decide to get things done. It might make a major difference in our lives. 

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