Friday, April 10, 2009

Reality Isn't Real--It's A Perception.

I've often heard that I should be paying attention to reality. To that I answer that I am. To which many might say otherwise, yet here is one of the most important lessons I ever learned: Reality isn't real--it is a perception. More than this, it is an individual perception.

Many say the economy is really bad and that everyone is having a hard time. That is total nonsense. It isn't true at all. I would probably agree that many are having a hard time, but a very far distance from everyone. Then again, what does having a hard time mean? Who's definition is used? To one a hard time might be this and to another, it is that. Who's to say?

". . . for nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. . ." was a line from Hamlet by Shakespeare. It is so true. What that then means is that everyone may choose their own reality. By that, I mean that what bothers and concerns me may be very different than what bothers and concerns you and that is two different realities.

If crime is stated as high in the media and some are in fear, that is one reality of high crime and fear. If I, on the other hand, have no fear and do not focus a moments attention on crime or fear, I have a totally different reality of the same reality. Really. It is thinking that makes it so or not so. It actually changes the reality to the person with the perception. What I perceive is my reality and what you perceive is yours. They co-exist and I have no problem with that.

What is your "reality?" It makes all the difference in what comes next. If you are in business, I would think you would know by now to choose a positive reality with a good outcome regardless of what appearances may seem to be or what some people may say. Paying any attention at all to anything that you do not want will cause you to accept that reality. The one and the other cannot co-exist in one person. You get to choose. You will choose. The choice you make will be your truth, as is mine.

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