Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Want More Business, But. . .

You want more business coming though the door, but it will require you to change your thinking, your procedures, or your training. That really is the worst of it: But, it will require you to change your thinking, your procedures, or your training. Otherwise it is the old definition of insanity: doing the same things and expecting a different result. Don't we all want that to work!

We put together a email newsletter marketing campaign from start to finish for a company and the owner won't train the staff to get the forms filled out at the cash register. They fill some out some of the time, and they did more in the first week or so, but there is no consistency and very little progress. The fewer the names, the lesser the response. If we want more people to come in and we are putting on events, we need more people to invite to make it more of a success to create more business. Yes. It's not magic, it is step by step efforts toward the goal. The goal is more business.

We would love to come in and just take over for a period and get it all turned around, teach and train the staff ourselves, then turn it back over to them and let it grow. So, the most difficult challenge we face is not having that power or control and trying to get the same results. Partial insanity I suppose. Yet, it would serve the company we are working with and our own company to be able to work together on this kind of project in the way that would produce the desired results. The only way that will happen effectively is to have the full attention of whomever is in charge of the operation. They must see the picture clearly, listen to what needs to be done and allow us to get in there and help them get it done. Makes sense, doesn't it? We know how to bring more business through the door, but we cannot get it done effectively without the best participation of the business.

Think about what you want in your business. Do you want more business? If so, are you willing to allow others to help you get that done? Are you willing to make the changes in thinking, procedures and training? If not, be satisfied with where you are and let it go. If you really do want more business, let's make the changes and get on with the future!

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