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Cleanly Remove Trip Hazards - Precision Concrete Cutting

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 defines a ‘trip hazard’ as any vertical change of over 1/4 inch or more at any joint or crack. Since the ADA demands strict compliance, trip hazards represent a legal liability to our clients. Cities, school districts, hospitals, churches, shopping malls, universities, apartment complexes, and other large buildings are all extremely concerned with this liability.

Precision Concrete Cutting's patented saw-cutting technology completely and cleanly removes trip hazards from sidewalks, virtually eliminating claims that result from trips and falls on uneven sidewalk. By having Precision Concrete Cutting remove their trip hazards, our clients reduce their legal liability using the most efficient and cost effective method available.
  • Each offset will be tapered according to the specifications requested by the client and will have a smooth, uniform appearance and texture.
  • The raised sidewalk will be cut from edge to edge and brought to a zero point of differential settlement, completely eliminating the trip hazard.

Our service, unlike other approaches, accurately measures each offset to ensure that we achieve the slope requested by our customers. The only alternative available to achieve ADA compliance (if done correctly) is removal and replacement, which is costly, disruptive, and time consuming.

Precision Concrete Cutting is the leader in uneven sidewalk repair. Our patented process stretches your budget, makes sidewalks ADA compliant, and eliminates trip and fall liability. Our sidewalk repairs typically save our clients 70-90% compared to sidewalk replacement.
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Made in Madera

Printed by the Fresno Bee on February 3, 2013

Frustrated at jobs getting shipped overseas, a Madera manufacturer is launching a line of "Made in America" products.

The Nemat Management Group employs 30 people on Road 24 in Madera. Normally, they make machinery that other manufacturers use to make their products, such as grape-processing equipment or machinery that makes solar panels.

But owner Mike Nemat wants to start making products that are often now made in China. The company already is manufacturing the TV Mighty Mount, a metal mounting system for flat-screen TVs. The company will start taking orders on its website soon and hopes to find a retailer to sell the Mighty Mount.

Nemat also is considering making woodworking equipment and theft-proof mailboxes. High quality, simple design and a process with little waste can keep American-made products competitive and costs down, he said.

"I believe in making American products," he said. "I think manufacturing should have stayed in the United States. It shouldn't have gone offshore."

For more information about Nemat Inc., please visit

Monday, September 23, 2013

Get To Know Julz Ice Cream & Candy!

1453 Sacramento Ave
West Sacramento CA 95605 
Julz Ice Cream and Candies, formerly known as Naidu’s Ice cream has been a family owned business in West Sacramento for the past 23 years. We are a wholesale Novelty warehouse specializing in brand names like Blue Bunny, Good Humor, Its It, Nestle, Haagen Dazs, Wonder, Foster Farms, Ben & Jerry’s, M & M Mars, Delicias, and Rich’s to name a few.  We serve the local ice cream truck vendors, mini marts, schools, Churches, Company picnics, and General Public in any event that needs ice cream. 
My father, Mr. Naidu started as an ice cream vendor on the streets of Dixon, California, 30 years ago.  We all grew up selling ice cream on the streets of Dixon.  As soon as we got our driver’s license, our father gave us an ice cream truck to teach us responsibility and the value of a hard earned dollar.  Even till this day, we are known as THE ICE CREAM family in Dixon.  I remember throwing candies out from the trucks at the Dixon Mayfair Parade.  Good times!!!
Today our pride and joy is this wholesale novelty warehouse, which is operated by husband Ravi, my two son’s Shivam and Avineet and myself, Julz.  We are open seven days a week from 8am to 1pm, weather permitting.  Our hours change for the winter months. But whether hot or cold, ice cream is a treat that everyone loves to eat, stop by and check us out!!!!

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Top Talent in Logistics Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a recruiter?  Recruiting is both an art and a science. Collectively, our team has many years of research and practice in talent acquisition.  We are experts in finding the talent you want and need because this is what we do – all day every day.

Most companies outsource the recruiting function when there is a sense of urgency in filling a mission-critical position or when they need our expertise in sourcing top talent they cannot find on their own.  Top Talent has many resources at our disposal.  As we target passive candidates, we are going after successful people who are not necessarily looking for jobs.  Because we source nationally, our database of prospective candidates runs deep and wide.  With a sole focus on logistics, we know your competition well and what it takes to get the best.

What is the difference between a Contingency Agreement a Retainer Agreement? 

Contingency:  This agreement does not require a commitment from either party, but stands as a binding agreement to discuss opportunities. A contingency agreement essentially says that we are not obligated to show you any candidates and you are not obligated to hire any of our candidates.  However, should we present a candidate to you and you hire them, you will owe us a fee.    The fee is due in its entirety on the day the candidate starts.  We offer a 60 day guaranty on the placement and if the candidate leaves within a 60 day period, we replace them at no additional charge. Contingency agreements are not our preferred way of doing business, but we do offer the option.

Retained - This commitment agreement is used when clients have a sense of urgency.  When a position needs to be filled within a certain period of time and with a specific type of person, we are obligated through this contract to find the right person in the designated time period.  Through a retained contract, you agree that if we find the person you have specified, you will make the hire.   The fee is the same as with a contingency agreement, but the structure of the fee differs. One third of the estimated fee is due when the agreement is signed, and the balance is paid on the day the candidate starts.  If you are serious about getting specific talent in place, this is the way to go.  If we do not source the candidate within the time period specified in the agreement, we refund the retainer portion in full.  Our guaranty period is longer for this agreement and if a candidate leaves on their own accord or is terminated in that 90 day period, we replace them at no charge.  Retained clients get the first look at our candidates, and are a priority over contingency searches.  We also assign a specific recruiting team to retained clients and hold our team accountable for meeting your needs.  

Why do you recommend retained searches?  We believe that both parties have to have skin in the game. What we have found is that firms that put a retainer up front are more invested in the search process, our calls get returned faster and there a greater sense of urgency across the board.  Our executive recruiters know that you are committed to hiring Top Talent from us and are fully committed to providing you with thorough communication and timely results. We like dealing with companies that say “Make us a priority”!  Because we do.

What if I hire an Agent and they don’t perform to the level you say they will?  In our Agent search agreement, we incorporate something we believe no other firm is doing – we provide a 1 year performance guaranty.  If the agent does not produce at least 80 % of what they say, then we make up the difference with another agent at no charge.  Is this a strong guaranty? Absolutely.  We want you to feel comfortable with bringing on agents we represent.

You don’t offer terms and require payment on the day the candidate starts. That’s awfully fast.  Yes it is. We work fast and very aggressively, and our staff of recruiters is highly incented to bring you the best talent possible.  Since the bulk of their compensation comes in the form of commission, they want to be paid when the search is complete.  In Logistics, the companies that pay their carriers or vendors the fastest, win.  Carriers then make those firms a priority.  We work the same way.  If you pay us fast, you will get first consideration.  Pay us slow and don’t expect to be a favorite among our recruiters.

If I hire you to find me someone, will you recruit any of my people down the road?  Never. Once you are a client, you are always a client. Some of our clients hire talent from us every year and other come to us for one executive. Our belief is once a client, always a client.  There is a saying in recruiting:  “You are either a client or a source for candidates” but you can’t be both. We are very proud of this because not all of our competitors conduct themselves the same way. Being ethical is extremely important to us.

What is a passive candidate?  Passive candidates are the cream of the crop. They are currently employed, well respected, strong contributors to their organizations.  Most are not actively looking for a job and therefore do not have their resumes posted all over the internet.  It takes solid recruiting techniques to encourage these people to engage with us and consider making a move. We help open their eyes and minds to other outstanding opportunities and are experts in doing so.

Do you do any consulting?  We are available for a wide variety of consulting assignments.  Our staff and affiliates have consulting experience in the following areas: Agent Programs, Sales Compensation Plans, Business Coaching, Human Resource Management, Organizational Analysis and Sales Development, Restructuring and Sales Acceleration.

I have been burned by a recruiter in the past, why are you different?  Unfortunately, we hear this more than we’d like.  While we cannot atone for the sins of another, we will be right up front with you and spend a lot of time getting to know you and understanding what you want.  We are not a resume service or a staffing agency so we don’t just throw resumes at you hoping one will stick.  The majority of our clients see less than three candidates and it is not uncommon for our clients to hire the first person we present. Why? Because we have an extremely in-depth due diligence process with both clients and candidates where we ask a lot of questions to ensure we understand what is important. We also will not bring someone to the table unless we feel we have hit the nail on the head.  If our initial candidate is not chosen, we dig deep to find out where we missed the mark, recalibrate and in most cases, the second candidate is hired.

Why do I need to give you my account list?  Prior to joining one of our client firms we do our best to insure your accounts are not already customers of our client. We also want provide our client companies with the opportunity to do cursory credit checks on your clients.  All of our clients understand the confidential nature of our business and we have not had any issues sharing this information.  This step is taken to insure your transition will be easy and profitable for everyone.

Do you work with all companies?  No. We only do logistics and we screen clients prior to representing them.  Clients range from $2 million to $2 billion in sales, the majority of which range from $25 million to $100 million.  Clients must be credit-worthy, ethical, growing, and pass the “we would work there ourselves” test.  In addition, we like organizations that have “Sizzle” rather than being milk toast.  We connect with top executives so that the highest decision makers possible are involved in the process.

Do you work with any candidates?  No. We have a saying at Top talent – “We do not market mediocrity.”  Not everyone is Top Talent, so we screen all candidates prior to representing them.  We dig deep to fully understand who they are and what they bring to the table. Are they high producers? Top Sales Executives?  Experienced, ethical agents? More importantly, do they exude certain traits that are common among other highly Top Talented individuals?  In our candidate searches, we look for these traits in addition to experience and expertise.

For more information, please visit

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Final Closeout on 2012 F250 Regular Cab Chassis with 8' Knapheide Service Body 4x4!! at Geweke Commerical Truck & Fleet Sales

2012 F250 Regular Cab 4-Wheel Drive, 6.2 Gas V-8, 6sp Auto, AC, Power Equipment Group, Cruise Control, Trailer Brake Controller, Rear Stabilizer Bar with Auxillary Springs, Upfitter Switches, XL Value Group, Locking Rear Axle, more. Stock #33293, VIN #CEA89739. MSRP $41,195.00

Final Closeout
Sale Price


after all rebates, plus tax, fees and license
Call Paul Brown Today at 530-682-7693

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Removal of Large Hazardous Dead Valley Oak Over House!

Signature Tree Service flawlessly removes a hazardous dead Valley Oak over a house, valuable landscape and street with out any damage or incidents. This project was executed on a 102 degree summer day in Vacaville, California! See more at

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Rack-it and SureFit Rack Accessories

Gary Kank of Rack-it Truck Racks, shows off a truck with most of the options that Rack-it and SureFit Racks sells. These include the water jug holder, rack holder, rack straps, window protector, load locks/dividers, cross bar and more.

This presentation was done at a Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event held at the Woodbridge Country Club in Woodbridge CA next to Lodi.

See more about the Nor Cal Ford Truck Club at

See more from Rack-it Truck Racks at and SureFit Truck Racks at

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What Do You Get From a SitePro Inspection?

A great SitePro Inspection is made up of three components; a snapshot of the building materials and systems in your home, a list of 'deficiencies' from correct or safe building practices, and an education on your homes major systems. The list of 'deficiencies' is often the most concerning to home buyers after a SitePro Inspection as this is what may break a sale or could involve unexpected expenses during the purchase process. So what should home buyers do after they get the SitePro inspection report?

Get All The Information
Everything about a home can be fixed except for its location and no home is perfect under the lens of a SitePro Inspection . Most home 'deficiencies' are related to changes made by amateurs after the home was built, neglected maintenance items, or aging systems needing replacement soon.

Read the SitePro Inspection  report and all the written comments from your SitePro inspector to get the most information from the report. Your SitePro inspector and your SitePro Inspection  report should be able to tell you what your next step is for each deficiency and the degree of urgency a defect has. Some 'deficiencies' are inexpensive to repair but urgent to repair as they may present a life safety hazard (e.g. exposed live wires). Other 'deficiencies' are not immediate life safety hazards but may require budgeting for the repair such as replacing an old hot water tank that is still fully functional at the time of the inspection.

Home sellers are also a great source of information on the home. For example, if the SitePro Inspector notices signs of a past oil heating system, the home seller should be able to identify if an oil tank has been removed from the site. Home sellers also should keep copies of warranties and guarantees on work done on the home. If the SitePro Inspector  identifies an installation defect on a new furnace, this may be repairable under the original warranty.

Talk To Your Realtor
You should have an excellent working relationship with your Realtor if you are going to have a successful real estate transaction. Experienced Realtors have dealt with many of the common home deficiencies found in SitePro Inspections in the past and they can offer solutions to you like:
  • ·         Arrange for the seller/builder to fix a deficiency before possession changes
  • ·         Helping you find a contractor or handy person who can fix the deficiency
  • ·         Arrange for more time before removing purchase subjects to investigate the problem(s)
  • ·         Re-negotiating the purchase price of a home
  • ·         Negotiating a Hold-Back in case of premature system failure or future Strata assessments
  • ·         Help You Decide when to remove inspection subjects

Your Realtor can also help give you guidance if the home deficiencies are beyond normal and reasonable repair and perhaps you should consider walking away from the home and looking for another one. Ultimately this decision is up to the client but your Realtor can help you understand what your options are.

Who Should Fix the Deficiencies?
Many home sellers are quick to suggest they will fix a deficiency rather than take a hold-back,  lower the purchase price, or lose the sale. While this method may solve the problem, the buyer does not have any control over who is fixing the problem and the materials used. As many 'deficiencies' in a SitePro home inspection come from amateur work, the last thing you want is for another amateur to 'fix' the problem. It is also important that all work is performed by licensed trades people and that any permits that may be needed are in place.

On existing homes, SitePro Home Inspectors typically recommend that the home buyer has the correct people come in to fix any deficiencies after the home transaction is complete. This allows the future occupant of the home to know that the repairs are done right and will be safe and solid for years to come. If the home is newly built, the builder and their trades people should correct any deficiencies before the transaction is completed.

Professional SitePro Home Inspectors  operate under standards of ethics which prevent them from quoting on, performing any repair work, or collecting referral fees for recommending any contractors. This is to protect SitePro home inspection clients who have a lot at stake based on the recommendations of a SitePro home inspection report. If your SitePro home inspector offers to do repairs or have a family member do repairs for a fee, you should throw away the entire inspection as suspect and bring in an independent professional SitePro home inspector for a new inspection.

Call in the Experts
All repairs should always be performed by licensed professionals. For minor fixes, many professionals will perform repairs based on an hourly labor rate plus repair material which they typically will have in their service vehicle. Don't be surprised if there is a minimum charge for showing up. Your Realtor or the Better Business Bureau can help you find a trusted professional if you don't have any personal connections.

If the repair job is beyond a normal service call, it may be necessary to get a few quotes from professionals in your area. Contractor rates can vary by as much as 300% and the quality of labor and materials can vary greatly.

Final Thoughts
As no home is perfect under the lens of a SitePro home inspection, clients will always have to make some decisions about 'deficiencies' found in a SitePro home inspection report and assume some of the risks and maintenance expenses with a home purchase. While in some extreme cases the deficiencies may be severe enough to walk away from a home purchase, most items are fixable for a very small percentage of the purchase price of the home or with just a little maintenance time from the new home buyer.

Van Hibberts, CMI

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Check Out Wendy VanHatten's Newest Children's Book - "Max and Myron I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me"

Max and Myron Series (Book 3)

Welcome to the Max and Myron series. These books are about a boy and his cat. The authors have written them in a manner to teach both reading and social skills for young children.

The Max and Myron series is designed for young readers who:
  • Are learning to read in a left to right progression
  • Are recognizing sight words
  • Are learning new words
  • Are recognizing beginning and ending sounds
  • Are discovering new words by using pictures as clues
  • Are learning by interacting in the conversations as Max talks to Myron

The Teaching Guides for Children provides sentence frames. These sentence  frames can be used to extend the reader's vocabulary and sentence usage capability.

A High Frequency Word List is included in every book. This high frequency word list facilitates the young reader's word recognition and serves as a ready review tool after the book is finished.

Check it out on Amazon

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pet Odor and Urine Removal by The Specialists

At The Specialists, you get free pet odor treatment with cleaning. Other carpet cleaners bait you with a low price and then over charge for specialty spotting, odor removal, germicide, and other services.

The affected area is carefully saturated with a special solution. The solution is then extracted with a tool called the water claw. The water claw draws the solutions from the backing and pad back to the surface for removal. This treatment is the most thorough available without pulling up carpet.

This treatment is NOT guaranteed to remove the odor, although it takes care of most of the odor situations we encounter. We do offer a guaranteed odor treatment at an extra cost. Please inquire about your unique situation.
For more information, please call (916) 348-7018 or visit

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The Matt Garcia Foundation's 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament



4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Monday, October 14, 2013

Yocha DeHe Golf Club
at Cache Creek Casino Resort
14455 CA-16
Brooks, CA 95606

The Matt Garcia Foundation is pleased to announce our 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament which will be held on Monday, October 14, 2013.  This is one of our most well attended and exciting events of the year.  The tournament will be held at Yocha Dehe Golf Club (Cache Creek) which is one of the premier courses in our area.  Our fundraiser is an opportunity to ensure that the powerful programs that we support throughout the year will continue.
Our late city councilman Matt Garcia was a young man with a vision.  Matt's dream was to make a difference in the community.  Many of his hopes have been realized through the programs we support including youth sports, empowerment programs, community service days, the Gun Buy Back, scholarship programs, the Matt Garcia Learning Center, the PAL Matt Garcia Youth Center, and much more.  The Matt Garcia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization run entirely by volunteers.   100% of your donation goes to fund these programs.
With the help of generous individuals and companies such as yours, our foundation has been able to raise the essential funds needed to “Keep the Dream Alive.”  We anticipate another successful event and we hope you will be a part of it.  Would you consider donating gift baskets, concert or sporting event tickets, vacation or spa packages, and other donations to be used for raffle and/or silent auction.
We are a high-profile organization with a powerful presence in the community that is associated with positive change.  As a sponsor, your name, business or establishment will be prominently displayed in all our event publicity.  The event itself is an opportunity to network with many potential customers and clients.   Most importantly, your donation will send a powerful message that you are partnering with us to create a world that is safer and more meaningful.  It is our mission to support youth, help stop crime, and strengthen our community. Thank you in advance for your support.  Your contribution will make all the difference!
For more information or to donate, please do not hesitate to contact me at (707) 452-9676, or email