Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting It Right Step By Step. Ready, Aim, Fire.

Some people say that you need to have it right before you start. Those same people say that you must 'count the cost.' They say that you have to be ready--that you cannot start until you are ready and have all your systems in place. They say that people who don't do these things are like the "Fire, Ready, Aim" folks, when they should be "Ready, Aim, Fire."

I get it. No one really wants to be foolish, do they? But, here's the deal. If I follow this advice, I will never get started. How many of you knowing the realities of retirement, started saving money every month when you were 18 and never touched it and always put more in when you could and always sought out the best advice to grow it? Let me guess. . . none? Why not? It's great advice. It's smart.

When it comes to your business opportunity, I will follow my own intuition. I am happy to listen to advice and learn from others experiences, but ultimately, I will follow my own intuition. I will give it my best shot. But, I still call that "ready, aim, fire." It's just that it is in increments. Today you get started and you are constantly improving every day in every way that you can. That is not "fire, ready, aim." You are being as ready as you can at the moment. You are being the best that you can be at the moment. You are aiming as good as you can at the moment. And, you are executing or firing as good as you can at the moment. Frankly, that is all that can be expected.

Insurance is a good thing. But, if I were 'fully insured' I could not buy anything except insurance. There's life insurance, health insurance, dismemberment insurance, business insurance, liability insurance, auto insurance, identity theft insurance just to name a very few. A case could be presented where I need all of those, but I would not be able to make a house payment. Silliness. I choose what I feel is absolutely needed and go with it and the rest get ignored. Treat your advisers that way. It's okay to listen, weigh the facts, sort the emotions, keep what you want and discard the rest. You have to. It's your business, not theirs.

So feel confident that you are doing the best you can do in pursuit of better. Ignore the naysayers. If people ask you how business is, answer "I'm getting it right step by step!"

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