Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Are Your Employees Dressed?

We live in an ever more casually dressed world and this is something that I love. It is also something to be concerned about as a business. How are the people coming into your store feeling about the way your employees are dressed?

I've seen managers of stores that look like they just rolled out of bed while sleeping in their clothes. The unkempt hair look is in, but the wrinkled, slept in look is not in. Getting shirts laundered and pressed is very inexpensive. Matter of fact, where shirts are concerned, I doubt that you can do them for less at home after you consider the water, detergent, electricity, and ironing time and effort. Wash and wear right out of the dryer is a possibility, but rarely works they way it is planned.

As the business owner or manager, you have the opportunity to direct how you want your employees to dress. All you need do is decide how you want them to look and then lead them to do that. Expecting that shirts be pressed is not a large expectation. How your employees look is a reflection on your business. Start a dress code that makes good sense. Guide them and it will pay dividends.

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