Friday, August 15, 2008

My Rave Week Is Done. It's Your Turn!

This week has been my raving fan week. I've written in the past five days about the United States Post Office, eBay,, Romano's Macaroni Grill and I can rave about a few more, not many, but I shared some of my favorites this week and why. It was an interesting exercise for me. I talk to others about a company or restaurant but I don't generally get to go into much detail. Since my focus is business success, I am curious what it is that sets one business apart from another even in a highly competitive environment. So, I got to rave about five companies and it felt good. I appreciate them and it made me think even more clearly about that. But, I've raved enough for one week. Now, it's your turn.

What companies do you rave about and why? Take a few minutes and write out what you appreciate about each company and why you are a raving fan. You might even share that with some of those companies as I did this week. Hey, everyone loves to hear compliments and raving fans give good compliments.

The real key to me is why. What do those companies do that is so different or so special in relation to other companies? Why does that make you feel good? Much of it is about great service, so how is that service provided in a way that makes you feel good? I hope you take the time and do a few of them and relate these questions, so that you can take a fresh look at your own business and how you can create raving fans of your own. I have to believe that it will be enlightening and certainly worthy of the time invested. Go rave!

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