Monday, December 19, 2011

Wendy's Latest Book Is A Bit Of Encouragement--Even For Men!

Wendy VanHatten's latest book offering is a rewritten and updated book by Wendy and Mary Guinane McNamara titled, My Life: The Sequel, A Girlfriend's Guide To Personal Success. It has just been released and is available on

Here's an excerpt from the book:

"But, the true problem lies in making choices without thought, whether for groceries or for life.

If your life choices were laid out just like the aisles of a grocery store, would you be actively choosing things in every aisle? Would you shop in the gourmet section? Would you shop in the fresh produce where things change daily or stick to the aisles with standard staples you can always count on? Would you even go down every aisle to see everything that's available?

If life really was a trip to the grocery store and price was not object--what would your shopping list look like?

For what may be the first time in a long time, choose what your life would include based on what your heart tells you. Think like you did before people told you what your life would be. Think bigger than you have in the past, because there's no reason not to and thinking big takes the same amount of energy thinking small does.

Your life won't look like anyone else's. And, just like your grocery list, it will change from week to week or even day to day. Keep it handy and jot down new things you want as they come to mind.

Now, what if you had to do all your shopping for life in one or two trips? Would you go through the aisles randomly picking and choosing on a whim? Or would you put some thought into your trip and do a little preplanning? If you had the opportunity, would you make an organized, alphabetized list for your life to be sure nothing was left out?"

Buy it on today: My Life: The Sequel

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