Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wendy VanHatten Is Having A Book Signing Party At WineStyles Tomorrow Night

WHAT: Book Signing Party

WHEN: Tomorrow, Thursday, December 22...6 pm to 8 pm
WHERE: Wine Styles, 11B Town Square Place, Vacaville
Join me as I sign my two newest books. Snacks and conversation provided. Wine is available for purchase.
She's Looking forward to seeing you...

My Life: the Sequel…a Girlfriend’s Guide to Personal Success
Some advance readers had this to say…

“Your eBook is absolutely outstanding!"My Life: The Sequel a Girlfriend's Guide to Personal Success" is down to earth, easy to follow and chocked full of helpful exercises that anyone can do in minutes! And what is speaks to me as a woman, a mother, a wife, a professional!  What a wonderful guide to help women at any stage of their life move forward! It is never too late!” --Sue P. - Arizona

“What a wonderful dose of positivity to come into my life at just the right moment! I like the look of it - it's visually appealing, with a clean, easy-to-read look. I LOVE the quotes and the text is easy to skim, or meaty enough to dive into, whichever you want. Did I mention that I love the quotes? I like that the book is interactive and that the sample schedules at the end are realistic.“ --Marie R. – Baltimore, Maryland
“I applaud you ladies for helping us make daily choices with awareness. We live so much of our lives on autopilot that there’s no wonder it’s so hard for us to achieve personal success.  I especially liked the grocery store analogy in helping us make life choices that are appropriate for us as individuals.  I also loved the reality check grid. There’s nothing like a snapshot of how you’re living your life to motivate you take action. Well done!” --Krista J. – Snellville, Georgia

“My Life: The Sequel A Girlfriend’s Guide to Personal Success” feels like you’re sitting with two of your best and smartest girlfriends … getting tips and advice that can improve the quality of each and every day.”  --Katie Y.  - Delray Beach, FL
I poured myself a glass of wine and sat out on the patio on Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed it! I found myself thinking of some of the quotes, tips and stories during the past couple of days.  I really thought the piece on Habits was noteworthy and did that exercise and found several things that I do habitually - some good, some not - and have thought of ways to change the not so good habits to build on my good habits. --Pam M. – South Sioux City, NE

Congratulations to both of you. Thank you for sharing with all of us this amazingly, simple, life changing book you have created for a portion of your legacies.  I will be ready for the Sequel to this Sequel! --Teresa W. – Denver, CO

We had fun writing it. You will have fun reading it. Enjoy…

When the Cat Speaks…Listen, a Purr-fectly Good Way to Enjoy Life
Just released…this quick read book is just in time for stocking stuffers.
Here are some nice things readers had to say about it.
This wonderful book of life lessons reminds me to be nicer to my imaginary friends and makes me wish I had 9 lives. It teaches us that we all have a meow deep inside, waiting to come out. --Franny V
As Myron's original human provider, I can say without doubt that he is the brightest as well as the dimmest feline I have ever met.  He is truly a savant, the "Rain Man" of cats. In some ways, Myron is as great a teacher as Yoda.  This quote could have come from either of them - "Much to learn, you still have". --Jim VH
When the Cat Speaks ... Listen is a clever collection of "Myronisms" --- sage advice from Myron, an exceptional cat living his nine lives to the fullest.  Whether you are a cat lover or not, there are lessons to be learned from Myron's antics that will enhance your life:  Be curious, enjoy life, have friends, play, and take time to enjoy the sunshine in your life.  It's a "purrfect" read! --Wendy Loquasto

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