Friday, January 14, 2011

Wendy VanHatten of VanHatten Writing Services Can Help You Get It Done

As a customer of Wendy VanHatten's, I wanted to give a personal recommendation about her services as VanHatten Writing Services.

Wendy is an editor and can help you put your best foot forward in helping you write and improve articles, essays, the next great American novel, a trade publication, you name it. If it is written, she can be of service. Want your website copy cleaned up and improved? She can help. Have an important written presentation for your boss or important clients? She can help. Want to finally get that book written? She can help. She can do it all and Wendy has helped Upward Trend and Terry Minion as well.

Wendy helped us clean up a 5-page promotional piece with outstanding results. She did it in a few hours and the price was so low I was very surprised. She has helped several of our website clients to help create better copy for their websites. But she can do so much more. . .

As we speak, Wendy is helping me get a book written and completed that has been on my agenda for several years and it is finally coming to fruition thanks to Wendy. I asked Wendy if she wouldn't mind ghost writing a book with me and she agreed. We record sessions on a digital recorder, she takes that, puts it all together, we make changes and additions, she cleans it all up and out comes a finished product. In fact, we are writing two books, one right after the other on the same subject, and in addition to that, she is helping Upward Trend with a complete employee manual and a company internal piece for the owners.

I couldn't be more pleased with each and every interaction with Wendy. She makes it all so easy for me, and her fees are so reasonable, I'm thinking of lots of projects to get accomplished! Whatever your written project needs, large or small, Wendy can help. Take it from me and my personal experience. Give her a call and discuss your needs today! You remember. . . that book that you've been thinking about for the last ten years. . . she'll help you get it in print!


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