Thursday, January 20, 2011

North Bay Truck Body Is Bob Dias. Bob Dias Is North Bay Truck Body.

North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia, CA (Fairfield) is a super star in truck body companies. I've dealt with a lot of them and have seen many operations, and North Bay Truck Body is in the best category. They are super stars for one reason and one reason only: Bob Dias.

I've known Bob Dias since 1990, when I was the commercial truck manager at Biddulph Chevrolet in Santa Rosa and I was interviewing body companies to choose a main company to use for our truck upfits. So, I called him up, told him what I was wanting and came over to Cordelia to "interview" him to see if he was a fit for what I wanted. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business and about 21 years later, I still send business to Bob Dias and do it without the slightest hesitation. He is simply the best.

Bob is real. He's no more perfect than anyone else, and he shows that vulnerability sometimes, but it is with the deepest love that I even share that and share it because it helps make him what he is. He is fair. One of the fairest people in business dealings I have dealt with in all my years of business. He is knowledgeable. When I need to know something about bodies, I call Bob. Even when I worked for another body manufacturer myself, I always knew I could count on Bob to answer any question fully and frankly and accurately. I made my decisions based on that input.

North Bay Truck Body is not cheap, but neither are the expensive. They are fair. No matter how you might look at the price however, they build nothing but quality. And, we all know that every company misses the mark from time to time, but this is certain: Bob stands behind what he does 100%. Bob makes it right.

North Bay's specialty is custom flatbed products. That is a wide range of designs and modifications! They excel at custom flatbeds and I could easily show you hundreds of photos of the trucks they've built. If you need a custom or customized flatbed, North Bay is the place to go. North Bay Truck also distributes service bodies, dump bodies and a wide range of other body applications. I'm sure whatever body you may need, North Bay can either build it for you, or tell you a great place to get it.

All of that comes from Bob who has been in the business all his life. I'm proud to call him friend as well as an Upward Trend client, and he is a vendor, or rather I am his client whenever I have need. You cannot miss with Bob Dias and North Bay Truck Body. Thanks Bob!

Call North Bay Truck Body at 707-864-2700 and visit their website at

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