Saturday, January 29, 2011

Upward Trend's Company Philosophy Drives Our Business

Upward Trend has two main components in our business philosophy that drives everything that we do. Number one is the foundation that supports all of our services, and it is to help you grow your business. A business that is not growing is surely declining. There is no such thing as standing still.

We help you grow your business by using Internet tools, consulting and networking. Ours is a monthly service that performs all month every month while you are a client, always moving your influence forward and growing with accumulation and expansion. This is the main reason that we developed the extremely popular Trend Setter Package. This package keeps expanding every month, where before we would just build and website and then it would be left on its own by the owner. Now, all we do is the Trend Setter Package.

The second driving force in our business philosophy was borrowed from Anthony Robbins. He called it CANi, which stands for Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. We are constantly improving everything that we do and the products we offer. For example, after launching our Trend Setter Package officially in April of 2010, in October of 2010, we added video to every clients package at no extra charge. Since then we have produced a number of videos and posted them on our clients websites, blogs, social media and more. In addition, this expanded our social media presence by opening a YouTube account for each client to hold their videos. All of that is searchable.

Another improvement happened in the last couple of months where we are now adding custom graphic banners to many of our clients blogs. Here are some examples besides our own blog here:

These new banners improve the branding and the look dramatically and make for a much better overall product and presence.

These two business philosophies are driving our business to new heights every month, and our clients are the first beneficiary.

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