Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Leaven A Success

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The Leaven History:

In 2005, community leaders from Parkway Community Church, City of Fairfield, and the County of Solano identified a need to improve the quality of the most under-privileged neighborhoods in the City of Fairfield. They created The Leaven, an after-school tutoring and mentoring program, as a way to show care and compassion for and proactively address the needs of at-risk and under-performing youth. The Leaven program catapulted a dynamic volunteer force eager to engage in active service to help their neighbors. Together these volunteers, through a grassroots effort, launched the first Leaven neighborhood after-school tutoring center.

The Leaven has grown to numerous tutoring centers in both Northern and Southern California with more centers planned for the future. Each center serves approximately 35–40 students. The tutoring program is free to any student in the target neighborhoods and is operational during after-school hours on most weekdays. The Leaven also provides summer programs that focus on both academics, physical fitness, healthy eating, and fun outings.

Since 2005, The Leaven has impacted the lives of hundreds of children and their families, as well as made a significant improvement in the safety of the neighborhoods where they are located.

The Leaven has four main goals: 

To increase student success in the classroom academically and behaviorally. To inspire and enable students to make better choices for their health and future. To involve and equip parents to positively impact their children and their communities. To engage faith based groups in the work of active community service.

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