Thursday, April 10, 2014

Circuit Training at FITBODIES I.N.C. In Vacaville

Circuit Training is offered the third Saturday every month.

Minimum five people paid at least one week in advance or class will be cancelled and payment will be applied to the next class.  


 Next circuit on April 19th!

Looking for some fun? Join in and Bring a Friend  

$20.00 payment (due April 11th) reserves your spot!

FITBODIES I.N.C., your unique personal training studio, is not a gym! Utilizing more than 20 years of education and experience in the fitness industry FITBODIES brings you an alternative experience in fitness. Robin Boubelik founded FITBODIES to provide quality instruction and give individual attention necessary for clients to maximize their fitness programs.

Held in a peaceful, positive, nurturing environment Robin and her team of fitness professionals offer their expertise in a variety of fitness related areas.

Concentrating on a healthy approach, Robin helps you reach your individual fitness goals. Specialties include Pilates, Weight Training and Indoor Cycling with both group and private sessions. Maintaining focus on the correct form and execution of each exercise provides clients with the tools they need to improve their life.

Robin believes that with the right instruction, everyone can benefit from Pilates and achieve a strong, healthy and conditioned core and body. She takes pride in what she does and it is very important to her that everyone who comes in to her studio feels they are getting the very best out of what they are doing.

FITBODIES I.N.C. studio was established in 2002 with over 20 years of experience!

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