Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ultimate Life Services - What I do as a Life Coach

I am often asked-- what do I do as a life coach?

First and foremost -- You cannot get new results with old behaviors. So, I meet with my client (in person or over the phone) and we review their "life history" in as complete a manner as possible.  Part of the process includes discussing their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  In addition, we conduct a personal life inventory in order to confirm personal strengths. 

Afterword, my main job is to Activate POTENTIAL(we all have potential and talents - it may just it needs to be activated) and Instill CONFIDENCE.  These objectives are achieved by the following:
  • Have conversations you may not want to have that you really need to have.
  • "Push" you to do some things you may not want to do but you need to do.
  • "Help" you become something that you didn't think you could become.
How do I accomplish the above?  By establishing TRUST ... lending PERSPECTIVE ... ensuring PREPARATION ... and providing DISCIPLINE & ACCOUNTABILITY.

Need a coach or desire a coach?  It may not be as expensive as you think and definitely worth the investment.  Please contact me - or (865) 803-7404.  

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