Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Amazing How Much I Learn When I Open My Mind

It's amazing how much I learn when I open my mind. It is like there was a flood of things waiting to come in and help me, but I just didn't see any of it because my mind was not open to it.

It seems that I have been consistently behind the curve on technology. Learning to use computers was one. I finally opened my mind up to learn them a bit and I learned a lot very quickly. Pretty soon people came to me for answers. That's amazing! Not an expert or anything, but I got fairly good at moving around in DOS creating batch files and making things easier for me. I grew comfortable with it and when Windows came out, I rejected it for DOS. Silly me. Mind closed. I think finally version 3.1 I decided to get the hang of it. Open mind, the rush is on.

The Internet. No interest. Just a fad. A bunch of silliness. Mind closed. No vision. Darkness surrounds me. Out of touch, out of focus. I didn't even get email until long after MSN was in the game. But, once the mind opened up, the flow came with power. Now I pretty much live on the Internet. Fascinating. And on it goes. Every time my mind is closed, something happens that causes it to open and all of a sudden I see why people liked the Internet, email and many more things like that.

I can see now that I have always been opening and closing my mind throughout my life on every kind of issue. I can also see now that it is only when it is open that learning and growth take place. I think of it as flowing with the river instead of swimming against it. It is more effective to say the least.

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