Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Five Reasons Websites Don't Work

1. You Don’t Have One - If you don’t have a website, it cannot be working for your business. Most businesses take three different stands on this topic:

They state they are interested in a website, and are waiting for business to pick up to pursue it.

Others state “there isn’t enough time for us to do that right now.”

Some state they have plenty of business and do not want any more of it.

At Upward Trend, we say: If business is slow, that’s the perfect time to open a new income source by creating more sales through the internet on your own website! The internet can help you through slower times and just think what it can do when business does pick up. Second, we do have the time to help you get your website up, running and maintained. We are here to help you so you don’t have to do it yourself. It will only take a very small amount of your time and you will have your own website that you have been thinking about for a long time. If you have plenty of business and don’t want any more of it, we congratulate you. We hope that it stays that way for you.

2. Current Information – On many websites, much information on the site is out of date. We see websites all the time that have outdated product information, show employees that have not worked there for a long time, missing information, incomplete information and much more. A website is only valuable to your business if it is up to date. Of course, the number one reason is, “there are not enough hours in the day. . .”

At Upward Trend, we say: Let us help you make your business as effective as possible on the internet. We provide an ongoing updating service so that all you have to do is tell us what has changed and we take care of the rest! No more out of date websites. You’ve got enough to do running your business. Our website updating service is very reasonable and makes you much more effective.

3. Star Struck - Have you ever been to a really intense website? It starts with a fancy introduction: fireworks, music, things moving around, and then--BOOM!. . . and you’re finally allowed into the actual website. Then the menu (to navigate on the site) shoots on to the screen one tab at a time, until all are aligned on the side, music in the background, the logo twirling in the corner, a video starts to play and the specials are streaming across the bottom like a NYSE tickertape. It looks really impressive and technically elaborate. You are just mesmerized and star struck by the awesomeness of this site. Some people think having this kind of a website is what they need.

At Upward Trend, we say: What does all that flash and show have to do with selling your product or service? The truth is the most efficient and successful websites in the world are clean, organized and to the point. The flash and show costs you a lot of money that will do nothing to build your business. . . which leads us to:

4. The Point - What is the point of having a website? What is it intended to do for my business? Is it intended to increase my sales or services? Provide information? Sell products? These are questions each website owner should ask themselves. We see websites that have very little information and frankly, don’t do anything to help build their businesses. Matter of fact, we see many that do the opposite. What is the point of your website?

At Upward Trend, we say: We think the point is to provide valuable information is a user-friendly way, to encourage prospects and customers to visit often to see updates and valuable things for them to respond to. We think your website should be a 24-hour tool for your business to help build your business every second of every day. We are a sales-related website design company and we are focused on helping you build your business on the internet.

5. Value – How many websites that you visit actually provide you any value? Is the information on the website of value to you? Does it help you want to buy from this company? Does it encourage you to return for something more? Is it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for? Another way to say that, is it helpful to you?

At Upward Trend, we say: We are focused on building value into your website. We make suggestions of ways that more value can be added. This requires keeping your website current and always looking for ways to make it more valuable to your business and to your prospects and customers. Think of us as being on your team, helping you with this part of your business, so you can take care of the rest. We’re not techno-website oriented; we are sales-oriented to help you grow your business. Let’s discuss how we can add value to your business and your customers today!

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